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Earn 2 lakhs Per Month in Fish Culture Business by Working Only 2 hours

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma
Fish Culture Business

The business we are going to talk about here is Color Fish Culture Business. In India, there is a huge market for color fishes and in other countries the markets are even huge. The good news is that the market demand of Color Fishes is increasing day by day. So how can you earn in Lakhs per month? Let us discuss further.

Color Fish Business: An Introduction

This color fish business can be done by anyone. Even if you are doing some other business or you are doing some job or even if you are a student. You can easily manage this business apart from your other work as it requires only 2 hours in a day. 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening. Hence, this can be an amazing option for your extra/surplus income.

All you need is some space and little knowledge/interest in color fish culture. Your knowledge is your money here, even more important than your actual money.Try to start on a small scale if you are a complete beginner and expand gradually.

If you want to gain complete knowledge before starting color fish culture business, then there are several training institutes that provide suitable training for this. Just do a simple internet search and find which institute is nearer to you.

Color Fish Business: Basic Requirements to Start

1. Tanks

There are many options in tanks that you can choose from like Cement, Plastic Tanks, Fiber Glass or Clay. The size of the tanks can be different and it depends upon the type of fish culture, the number & the amount of space available. But always go for large tanks for rearing of fishes. Tanks should have flat & levelled bottoms with outlet & inlet pipes.

2. Overhead Tank

For enabling sedimentation of water & removing solid particles from it, an overhead of the suitable size is required.

3. Water Supply

There are various water sources that can be used based on what size and where you want to do this business of Color Fishes. Options can be Deep Tube Wells, Dug Wells, and Municipal Water. You can also try to recycle water through some Bio- Filters. To push the water to the overhead tank, a small pump must be used. Pipes to feed the culture tanks are also required.

4. Shedding

HDPE Translucent sheets can be used. Shed should be able to provide filtered sunlight to the tanks & also protects from birds, debris etc.

5. Blower Pump & Electricity

For aeration, a blower pump with a network of tubes must be used. Electricity supply should be continuous. Install generators or invertors as a backup in case of power cuts.

Some Important Things:

• Always select fishes according to local demand initially. After growing your business you can also export to other countries.

• In color fish farming, you can use cement tanks as they are easy to maintain and durable. But if you want to do retail from your farm, then glass tank is advisable

• Always go for the fish feeds that are cheap to prepare, Easy to store & has low polluting effect

Where & How to Sell: The Profit

1. You can buy fish brooders from the market. The rate ranges from Rs.100- Rs.3000 based on number and which type of fish you are buying. After 3 months of growing them you can sell them for at least 3 times in the market. Make sure to take care of fishes properly because if they die then your profit become less. The less the fish’s dies the more profit you can gain.

2. You can even sell the same person from which you bought after growing them. That’s how this business work. You can also sell them in markets. The demand is good as people wants to put fishes in fish bowls in household and in offices. Color fishes are really attractive and beautiful that’s why the demand keeps on increasing.

3. Apart from selling in markets, you can sell online also. It is also a very good option. Just do a simple internet search & you will find that so many people are dealing in this business online.

4. If you want to expand furthermore, the demand for color fishes in global market is fantastic, so you can export them as well. After gaining some experience in this fish rearing business, you can start dealing in Aquariums, Fish feeds, artificial items for aquariums decoration. The possibilities and opportunities of money making are endless in this color fish business.

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