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Double Your Income with Biofloc Fish Farming; Know How & Its Benefits

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma
Biofloc Fish Farming

In Aquaculture, the costliest factors are investment needed for huge spaces to grow targeted species, high-quality feeding and filtrations systems. Availability of land and water are other issues. Water availability is scarce in some regions and lands are expensive. These huge production costs have forced farmers to look for ways. By adopting this Profitable Method of Fish Farming more seafood can be produced by using fewer resources.

What is Biofloc Fish Farming?

Biofloc is a Profitable Method of Fish Farming. It has become very popular all around the word as an alternative to open pond fish farming. It is a low cost way in which toxic materials for the fish such as Ammonia, Nitrate, and Nitrite can be converted into feed. The principle of this technique is to recycle nutrients. Biofloc helps in cleaning the culture water of the fish while giving an additional source of feed. It is a sustainable and eco-friendly process.

Rearing of fish at high-density requires some waste management system. Biofloc is a waste treatment system at its core. It was developed to prevent diseases from incoming water to a farm.

How does Biofloc System Work?

This Profitable Method of Fish Farming is practised in a tank which comes in various sizes. Most common size is of 4 diameter. Biofloc technology converts unused feed and aqua animal feces into food in a culture system while exposed to sunlight creating a protein rich live feed. By converting excess into food again, the cost of feeding comes down.

Heterotrophic bacteria is the main component of Biofloc. It reduces the Ammonia and Nitrite produced by fish feeding. These Heterotrophic bacteria consumes Ammonia converting it into protein. This can be consumed by fish then for growth. It works as actual feed for the fishes. It’s nutritional values are also good.

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Profitable Method of Fish Farming

How Biofloc helps in cost saving & can double your income?

This Profitable Method of Fish Farming or Biofloc Farming cuts all the major costs so that the savings can be really big. Several factors such as Huge operational costs, cost of vast lands, high costs of feeding, disposal and discharge of waste sludge will not be problems when your opt for this method.

In Aquaculture, the major cost is due to feeding ingredients for fishes. When fishes are fed with high protein diets, approximately 70% of it is discharged as waste in surrounding culture water in the form of nitrogen. With biofloc, we can recycle this waste into feed again reducing the expense of high protein feeds. Biofloc systems also reduces the spread of pathogens while also improving the fish health.

By cutting all these costs, you, yourself can assess that it will easily double your income by increasing quantity of fishes while not compromising on quantity.

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