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Fish Farming: Advantages of Using Cow Dung & Urine as Fertilizer in Fish Farm

M Kanika
M Kanika
Cow Manure
Cow Manure

Fish is considered as one of the most favorite items in the food menu of almost 60% of the Indians. So the demand for fish items in the market is always high. Not only this, if we talk about the global demand, then also the total requirement of the fish is very high.  

The main source of fish is from the Sea. Fish farming is a form of aquaculture in which the fishes are raised in enclosures to be sold as food. It is one of the faster-growing areas of animal food production. And, with a good business plan & decision, we can convert this opportunity to a successful small-scale farm as it will definitely take you to places.

What are the Advantages of Fish Farm Business?

  • Fish & fish products have a huge demand in India. Fish is considered as one of the most common & favorite items in the food menu of more than 60% of the Indian people.

  • The Market demand & the price of fish are always high.

  • The Indian climate is suitable for fish production & fish growing business.

  • There are many types of easily found water sources available; you can fill your pond with the water from your nearest lake, river, or any other water source.

  • With the easily available & low-cost labor, you can start an integrated fish growing business along with various types of animals, crops, birds & vegetables. Integrated fish farming reduces the feeding costs & ensures maximum production. 

  • The fish business in India is a very profitable & riskless business. Commercial fish growing can create new income & employment opportunities. The unemployed educated young people can start raising fish as this will provide them with both financial freedom and a permanent income opportunity.

  • You can even apply for a bank loan and there are many benefits of starting a fish farming India. If you have the suitable land & proper facilities then don’t misuse the possibilities, you can start raising some fish & if you are new then you can start a small scale fish farm business & gather experience in it.

Uses of Cow Dung & Urine in Fish Pond

  • A 1 hectare of a fish pond needs about 10-15 tonnes of Cow Dung & Urine per year to maintain its fertility. New ponds need higher doses of cow dung & urine. In general, the cow dung & urine of 2 cattle is enough to maintain the 1-hectare pond.

  • Raising Fish & Cattle together is profitable. The cattle waste is not as rich as the waste from the pigs & poultry, the cattle farmers can still use the cattle dung & urine to maintain a fish pond.

  • If you own cattle, then you can construct a shed close to your pond. The shed should have a brick-lined floor accompanied by good drainage.

  • For a better alternative, mix both dung & urine thoroughly, dilute with the water, using a bucket evenly broadcast mixture into your fish pond.

  • The Cow Dung in the form of biogas slurry is much better. Apply 80 to 120 kg of fresh slurry per hectare of a pond each & every day.

  • About 2,500 to 3,000kg of fish can be produced from 1 hectare of the pond every year. The cattle provide the milk & labor. Even buffaloes can be raised instead of cattle.

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