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“Ghol Fish”- One of the Rarest Marine Species, Can Cost up to Rs 1 Crore!

A black-spotted croaker fish, ‘Ghol’ has changed the fortune of a Maharashtra-based fisherman as it has fetched him Rs 1.33 crore.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Ghol Fish
Ghol Fish

Chandrakant Tare, a fisherman from Murbe village in Palghar district had set sail about 25 nautical miles off the coast of Wadhwan in the district when he caught these fishes.

The fishermen caught around 150 Ghol fishes in his net in one go. He then sold the entire batch of 157 Ghol fish to a group of traders from Uttar Pradesh & Bihar for Rs 1.33 Crore.

The Ghol fish, scientifically known as Protonibea diacanthus, is one of the most valuable marine species. In Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, it is in high demand.

Why is Ghol Fish so Expensive?

It is regarded for its therapeutic benefits in East Asia. It's packed with minerals like iodine, omega-3, DHA, EPA, iron, taurine, magnesium, fluoride, and selenium. There’s a pouch in the fish’s gut, which has great medicinal properties and a high market value in the international market. It is because of this pouch, this fish is referred as 'Sea Gold’.  

The Ghol fish, which is mostly found in the Indo-Pacific region, is one of the most costly marine species in the world. However, pollution has caused these fish to migrate from the beach to the deep water.

Ghol Fish: Health Benefits

Fins of Ghol fish are claimed to have therapeutic properties and are utilised in Singapore wine production.

Ghol fish is good for eye health since it includes several vitamins, minerals, and proteins that aid in the maintenance of vision.

Prevent wrinkles and ageing: The collagen in the ghol fish helps to prevent wrinkles and maintain skin flexibility.

Boosts infant IQ: Omega-3 content in it improves infant IQ when fed on a regular basis; it stimulates brain cell proliferation.

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