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7 Healthy Foods for Your Eyes

Ayushi Raina
Ayushi Raina
Healthy Food For Eyes
Healthy Food For Eyes

Visual acuity is one of the main sensations. Eighty percent of what we know is delivered visually. Protecting your eyes reduces the chance of vision loss and blindness and prevents all other eye diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts. 

Healthy Eye = Healthy Brain

You can keep your brain healthy by keeping your eyes healthy. It will improve the overall quality of your life. 

Here are few foods that are good for your eyes:

Raw Red Peppers

Per calorie, bell peppers provide you with the most vitamins C. It is very good for the blood vessels in your eyes, and science is also suggesting that it may reduce your risk of getting cataracts. It is present in many fruits and vegetables, including papaya, strawberries, and bok choy. Cooked peppers break down vitamin C, so it's best to eat them raw if possible.

Dark Leafy Greens

Dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and collard greens are rich in vitamins E & C. They also contain zeaxanthin and lutein.

Plant-based vitamin A reduces the risk of diseases such as AMD and cataracts, which also reduces long-term eye problems. Anyone who eats a Western-style diet won't get enough of it.


The retina needs two omega-3 fatty acids to function properly: DHA and EPA. Oily fish such as tuna, salmon, trout, or other seafood are all there. Omega 3 also protects your eyes from AMD and glaucoma. Low levels of these fatty acids in the body cause xerophthalmia.

Sweet Potatoes

Orange vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and mangoes, contain beta-carotene. A type of vitamin A that helps at night. It's helping your eyes adapt to the dark. One sweet potato also contains half of the vitamin C you need per day and a small amount of vitamin E.


Zinc is present in eggs and helps the body use zeaxanthin and lutein in the yolk. These orange compounds block harmful blue light from damaging the retina. It helps to improve the presence of pigmentation in the macula. 


Squash contains a very good amount of zeaxanthin and lutein, two antioxidants that help to protect your retina, a sensitive eyesight organ. In addition to the eye benefits as mentioned above, vitamin A protects against night blindness & may prevent dry eyes.

Butternut Squash is one of best vegetable sources of vitamin A, a potent antioxidant and vitamin. Hence you must start consuming squash from today.

Brussels sprouts and broccoli

These vegetables contains nutrients, such as vitamins A, C and E. These are all antioxidants that contribute to protecting cells from eye free radicals. It is a type of uncertain molecule that breaks down healthy tissue. The retina is exclusively vulnerable. 

Regardless of how old you are, start eating healthy from today to keep enjoying good health and vision. 

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