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Good News! Gujarat Based Farmer Finds Cheap Cure for Mastitis in Cows

Abin Joseph
Abin Joseph
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A poly-herbal and cost-effective drug has been developed to treat mastitis, an infectious condition of dairy cows, using an indigenous knowledge system shared by a Gujarat farmer, according to the Science and Technology Ministry. Mastitis is a frequent infectious condition that reduces agricultural production and income-generating activities by lowering milk quality.

What is mastitis?

In fact, mastitis is caused by many microorganisms like fungi, viruses bacteria etc. Bacterial organisms are known to cause mastitis are Pasteurella multocida, Staphylococcus aureus etc. 

Mastitis is characterised by inflammation of the udder, which manifests as a red, firm lump. The enlarged mammary gland is heated, and even touching it gives the animal agony and discomfort. To avoid milking, animals do not accept any contact with the udder, including kicking. Blood clots, foul-smelling brown discharge, and milk clots are common in milk that has been milked. 

The milk production comes to a halt or is severely curtailed. The animal's body temperature rises. Other signs include a lack of appetite, difficulty moving due to a bloated udder, and soreness. Sunken eyes, digestive problems, and diarrhoea develop in the dairy cow. 

The medicine referred to as Mastirak Gel, developed by National Innovation Foundation (NIF) has been commercialised through the business partner Rakesh prescribed drugs. It may be purchased at medical stores that supply veterinary medicines in varied components of the country. 

To that end, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIF), an autonomous institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) that revitalises indigenous technologies based on farmers' wisdom, has identified this unique herbal composition shared by a Gujarati farmer for the control of mastitis in farm animals. 

According to the government, a gel preparation for topical administration over the damaged udder surface has been created, and a patent has been submitted for this composition shared by Shri Becharbhai Samatbhai Devgania.

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