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Holstein Friesian Breed of Karnal-based Dairy Farmer Sets National Record by Producing 76.61Kg Milk in a Day

On Saturday, National Dairy research institute (NDRI) honoured Baldev Singh, a dairy farmer from Garib Kheri village of Karnal for record-breaking production of 76.61Kg milk in 24 hours. His cow won top prizes in various events like the 10th PDFA International Dairy and Agri Expo-2015 at Ludhiana and National Dairy Mela at NDRI, Karnal.

Hitul Awasthi

On Saturday, National Dairy research institute (NDRI) honoured Baldev Singh, a dairy farmer from Garib Kheri village of Karnal for record-breaking production of 76.61Kg milk in 24 hours. 

His cow won top prizes in various events like the 10th PDFA International Dairy and Agri Expo-2015 at Ludhiana and National Dairy Mela at NDRI, Karnal. 

Baldev Singh, owner of the cow, said that the cow first calved on January 2, 2014 and produced 42 Kg milk in a day. In her second and third lactation the yield went up to 54Kg and 62Kg, respectively. At present, the animal is in its fourth lactation and has earlier produced 66.20Kg milk at National Livestock Championship and Agri-Expo-2020. 

According to Dr. M.S. Chauhan, Director, NDRI-Karnal, in 2010 Baldev Singh completed training in management of dairy animals from NDRI. The expertise gained during the training programme, helped in improving the dairy management practices by Baldev Singh. Dr. Chauhan urged other rural youth to take up dairy farming as self-employment, to improve their livelihoods. 

Dr. M.S. Chauhan 

Dr. Manmohan Singh Chauhan an expert of Assisted Reproductive Technology, has contributed in following ways, such as:  

  • Developed Embryonic Stem Cell technology and produced 5 Embryonic buffalo Stem Cell lines 

  • Ovum pick up -IVF technology in cattle and yak and produced India’s first OPU-IVF Sahiwal calf ‘Holi’ and OPU-IVF yalkcalf ‘Norgyal’;   

  • Developed a simple hand guided Cloning Technology in buffalo and produced 14 cloned buffaloes 

  • Established transgenic animal production methodology in buffaloes of pharmaceutical and agricultural use

NDRI, Karnal 

NDRI has developed considerable expertise in different areas of Dairy Production, Processing, Management and Human Resource Development. Information generated at the Institute and the services offered have contributed to the growth of Dairy Industry and well-being of milk producers and consumers of milk and milk products.  


  • Conducting research in the areas of Dairy Production, Processing and Marketing

  • Demand driven ‘Human Resource Development’ to meet the requirements of Dairy Industry & R&D Institutions

  • Dissemination of innovative dairy production and processing technologies for socio-economic transformations

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