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How can we avoid odour from chicken coop?

The corona epidemic has changed our lives a lot. Everyone knows that lock down enables us to avoid luxuries and live a simple life. Unemployment and minor food shortages following the lockdown have seen many jobs turned upside down.

Professor Rajendra Kumar

The corona epidemic has changed our lives a lot. Everyone knows that lock down enables us to avoid luxuries and live a simple life. Unemployment and minor food shortages following the lockdown have seen many jobs turned upside down.

Many who worked in vehicles and hotels moved to other professions. Some have found success in selling products such as vegetables and fruits. These are projects that can be easily started without much preparation. Others, however, turned to agriculture.

Covid 19 has also displaced a large number of expatriates.  Many who lost their jobs and returned later turned to farming and poultry farming.  When starting a business without experience, it is natural to face a lot of setbacks.  All of the above entrepreneurs have experienced difficulties in one way or another.  Those who persevered in the face of setbacks have flourished in new areas.

It has been said that there are many people who have sought refuge in poultry farming due to Covid 19.  This write up is a helpful tip for them.

One problem that the entrepreneur gets, whether it is a small poultry unit or a large poultry unit, is the stench emanating from the farm.  If a poultry farm is started in populated area, there will be a flood of complaints from the neighbours.  The poultry farm may have to be closed. Therefore, before raising chickens, one should learn to clean the chicken coop and its surroundings.

Experienced people say that there is a good way to avoid odours. That is to use E.M. Solution.  It can be bought online if not available in fertilizer shops.  It is a bit expensive, but it is not used directly.

If it is a one liter bottle, dilute it with 20 liters of water.  Add one liter of jaggery solution and keep it covered for at least 10 days.  Since the effectiveness of this solution lasts only up to three months, prepare only the required solution according to the size of the farm.

A pit should be made a little deeper so that the chicken droppings fall under the chicken coop.  Once the poultry is started, the above solution should be sprayed daily on the droppings falling into the pit.  Initially it will have to continue every day of the week.  Later repeat only once or twice a week.  Even if the waste in the pit is not removed for five months, it is certain that there will be no odour.

Here's just one thing among many to keep in mind when it comes to poultry farming.  In addition, it is important to learn about the feed given to chickens, the vaccinations to be given to them and the diseases that can be transmitted to them in different climates.

Care alone is not enough, marketing should also be done. Let's discuss such matters in future articles.  The Government have introduced a number of projects in poultry farming. Such things will also be the topics related to poultry business in the articles to come.

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