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ICAR Invented Novel Boar Semen Extender(NBSE) Gets Patent

The ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute in Goa was granted Patent No. 355114 for the "Extender for Preservation of Boar Semen."

Shivani Meena
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Image For representational Purpose

A compound that extends the life of boar semen has been given a patent, the ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, which developed it, reported on its 33rd foundation day on Friday.

This technique was created by EB Chakurkar, a former institute director.

While the patent was granted in January 2021, the news was made just on Friday. According to reports, the novel boar semen extender (NBSE) features a straightforward, cost-effective, and implementable protocol.

"The innovation helps in the successful preservation of porcine semen for durations extending at least 48-72 hours preferably, and even up to 120 hours or more, at holding temperatures ranging from 15° to 17° C." The extender keeps the pig semen liquid. " sources at the institute said.

The researchers used the substance in their studies, and other pig production centres in neighboring states purchase it on a regular basis for pig breeding by artificial insemination.

Pig farmers, researchers, state animal husbandry agencies, industrialists, and agri-entrepreneurs are among those who might benefit from the technique.

In addition, the institution has developed four talc-based bio-formulations for plant growth enhancement and disease management in paddy and vegetable fields, as well as a low-cost bypass fat production technology that enhances milk output by 20%.

Parveen Kumar, director of the ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, spoke on the occasion, saying that new initiatives, such as potato and cauliflower cultivation, have been launched in Goa and would soon give results.

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