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Know How to Earn in Lakhs through Cow Urine

As stated by many researchers and scientists, cow urine when distilled produces a concentrated liquid which consists of huge healing properties. The same has been mentioned in many ancient books of our history like the "Sushruta Samhita". The US has even been granted with a patent on cow urine having medicinal properties and many more. Therefore, it has been a huge time our nation should also acknowledge the need of researching it.

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Cow Urine
Cow Urine

In many articles people must have read about the various cow based products that have been produced in India and how many entrepreneurs have made a million dollar worth empire just on selling products using cow dung and cow urine.

Before getting in to the details of how these companies prepare those products, let us look in to why cow urine is being used? What properties does it have? Is the properties really proven?

In India, cow urine has a lot of importance in Hindu religious practices. For every auspicious occasion the use of cow dung, cow urine and the other three products of cows like ghee etc. have a specific importance. Many of us especially the younger generation have no clue about the same, rather we raise questions on how come an animal’s urine which is no less than human urine be used during auspicious events?

One thing that we tend to ignore is our ancient literature and history. We people of India with the increasing years have almost forgotten our own roots whereas the western people have tended to pick up our customs and even our ancient knowledge. India has been the land of greatest knowledge which has been provided to the entire world from number zero to surgery etc.

Various ancient literature like “Atharva Veda”, “Sushruta Samhita” and other literature books have already mentioned the fact that the cow urine is of great therapeutic importance.

According to a research paper the cow urine contains 95% of water, 2.5% is the minerals, salts, enzymes other important hormones, therefore making it non toxic. The distilled cow urine, commonly known as the “Ark” extract  is described as the cure of everything due to its properties and various elements that are present it which makes it capable of boosting immunity to curing cardiovascular diseases and many other diseases like asthma and TB. What’s more shocking is that all of these have been lab tested and verified too. The antimicrobial activity has also been tested therefore making the cow urine distilled to be reclaimed as a bio enhancer which can even increase the potency of anticancer and many such drugs.

Several other properties have been tested in labs; this led the US to even patent the cow urine for its medicinal properties. Yes! It is true the cow urine has been patented by the US along with another patent has been done on cow urine which basically states the use of cow urine distilled extract as a potency increaser for a certain type of cancer drugs.

Now as we got the information about the cow urine distilled extract, one should also know the process of how the “Ark” is been made which has so many properties.

Following are the steps of preparing the cow urine extract according to a scientific paper:

  • At first fresh cow urine is collected from a cow and stored in a metal container.

  • Next, the cow urine is then filtered eight times through a clean cotton cloth.

  • The cow urine is then concentrated and boiled until the water is removed completely.

  • This is how cow urine distilled extract is produced.

  • Next for different medicines and drugs the filtered cow urine is then concentrated with the particular additives like herbal extracts or any other ayurvedic medicine extract.

  • For example: Cowpathy have launched teas made up of this cow urine which has been distilled along with special herbs which makes the tea taste much like green tea. This tea contains neither tea leaves nor any kind of caffeine, only special herbs are used for the preparation of this tea. Similarly the company also produces coffee with a prepared concoction of herbs which are next burned upon cow dung cakes which produces a liquid completely tasting like coffee. The herbal tea cost around Rs. 250 per packet and this same product has been in demand till date.

Similarly, now with our own medicinal knowledge one can make medicines and other different products and launch them as well, as the distilled cow urine extract enhances and also helps to cure health problems and all kind of human body problems. This would definitely make people and entrepreneurs to earn enough profit too. As described in the earlier examples it is clear that these products would really make a billion dollar industry in the near future.

The “Ark” (cow dung urine distilled extract) that have a mention in our ancient history and books has been replenished again now as people after using and suffering from the various side effects of allopathic and homeopathic medicines, are returning back to Ayurveda and even have benefited through it.

Who knows that this cow urine distilled extract might actually work as claimed by many researchers and our own ancient historians. Trials and test must be conducted again in order to help the mankind especially when various scientific papers and reports claim that this distilled cow urine has the efficiency of curing diseases like aids, cancers etc.

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