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Cow Dung will be used to Make Wood; Know its Benefits & Features

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Commonly, wood, electricity or LPG gas is used for cremation purpose. In India, people mostly prefer traditional products for cremation e.g. wooden logs and dried cow dung logs. As compared to fire wood and other alternatives, cremation using cow dung logs cost less.

Almost 400kg of wood is required for every single one of its seven million cremations, which caused deforestation resulting in global warming. Hence, a machine is invented called Cow dung log machine which makes wood logs from cow dung.

How are wooden logs made from Dung?

Blend of dung and straw (or any agro waste/harvested crop residues) is fed into the hopper of the machine. The machine has been provided with Screw mechanism, which helps in mixing raw materials thoroughly, compress them and extrude them out. We can make different size and shape of logs by using different size of die. The logs which are produced are then put under the sunlight to dry out the moisture inside them, making them hard and sturdy like wood. This machine can prepare one kg of wood in 15 seconds and will be sold at Rs 600-700 per quintal. A large number of trees are cut to get wood for the funeral, which damages the environment and also produces more smoke.

Coe Dung

Use of this wood

Wood made from cow dung is very beneficial as it is environment friendly. This wood will be used for Havan, Yagya-Pooja text, rituals etc.

The employment opportunities will also be open to the youth. Along with this, you can earn good income by making other products made from cow dung such as sculptures, face packs and medicines.

Cow dung wood machine price

The cost of this machine varies from 65 to 70 thousand per piece, through which you will be able to easily make wood from dung by sitting at home.

Features of machine:

Functionality of this machine is excellent

Easy maintenance

It has Hassle free performance

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