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London Returnee & B.Tech Student Turned Farmer 'Rachit Agarwal' Showcases His Dairy Farm

Abin Joseph
Abin Joseph
Krishi jagran rerporter with Rachit Agarwal
Krishi jagran rerporter with Rachit Agarwal

There are many ways to be self-employed in this country, all you need is passion and courage, and this very same courage has been shown by Rachit Agarwal, a farmer from Bawana district, who is an engineer by profession, Rachit Agarwal, who was born in London and grew up in Delhi, Rachit He has completed his engineering studies from the City University of London and is currently pursuing organic farming along with dairy farming in Delhi.

Rachit Agarwal has also made a good income in the field of poultry farming, in fact, Rachit has managed to earn 10 to 15 lakh ₹ annually from all of these endeavours of his.

In the future, Rachit also wants to launch some fisheries in the pond where his buffalos cool off too.

He currently is the owner of 40 cows and 16 buffalos. His cows majorly consist of 2 Indian breed cows and some mixed breed ones namely Sahiwal, Gir and a few hf mixed breeds of cows. He majorly focuses more on the Sahiwal and Gir breeds as their milk is in high demand in the A2 milk which is milk with an A2 variant of beta-casein in it.

As he wanted to primarily focus on A2 milk when he had started his Dairy farming business. He also has a veterinary doctor on standby to help prevent any infections or problems that might affect his cows and buffalos.

Just like Rachit, many other BTech graduates have actually left their professions to pursue agriculture, this itself will show people that farming is actually a lucrative sector if you're well versed about it. 

Hence we need many more like Rachit who will through their action show farmers how to get the work done and how to earn more income. 

For more Content like this stay tuned to Krishi Jagran and we will bring you many more such stories that will help you to gain a better understanding of the Indian farming sector.

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