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Mexico to Set Up Plant in India to Produce Biodigesters to Convert Cattle Dung to Energy

A Mexico-based social enterprise has invested Rs 20 crore to set up a plant in India to manufacture biodigesters that convert cattle dung into biogas to address the energy needs of a small farmer household.

Ayushi Raina
Biodigesters to Convert Cattle Dung to Energy
Biodigesters to Convert Cattle Dung to Energy

A social enterprise based in Mexico has spent Rs.20 crore in establishing a plant in India to produce biodigesters that turn cow manure into biogas to meet the energy demands of a small farmer household.

Sistema.bio has already deployed over 14,000 biodigester plants throughout 14 states in India, and they now intend to expand their presence in the country as well as export their products.

Sistema.bio is a prefabricated modular biodigester system that contains a comprehensive set of biogas equipments and interconnections. Its revolutionary high-efficiency biodigesters accept organic waste and convert it into renewable biogas and a potent organic fertilizer.

It is a continuous-flow, tubular, prefabricated, modular, adaptable, and high-quality biodigester built primarily for small and medium-sized farms.

The plant in Chakan, near Pune, will have the ability to produce 30,000 biodigesters per year, allowing the firm to serve farmers in Asian and African nations. "Around the last three years, we've had a lot of support from dairy farmers all over the country." 

This prompted us to establish a manufacturing facility near our Pune headquarters," said Camilo Pages, Sistema.bio's co-founder and chief production officer.

The Chakan manufacturing factory is projected to create 250 employment opportunities as the company tries to establish a strong supply chain in India.

The business hoped that by establishing a manufacturing facility in India, it would be able to reduce the cost of biodigesters by 20%. Previously, it imported biodigesters from its Mexican parent company.

The revolutionary biodigesters enable smallholder farmers to boost agricultural production and net revenue while also improving farm sustainability.

"We are now manufacturing our biodigesters in India to ensure that our products are even more affordable for farmers and are available year around.

We will also sell Indian-made biodigesters to African and South Asian nations," stated Piyush Sohani, Managing Director of Sistema.bio India.

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