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Poultry Industry on Uplift in Telangana as consumption of chicken & eggs increase

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni

Due to the rumours, poultry industry was the first sector to be hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. And now its comeback is even with the increased pace. This sector now gets uplift with many people consuming chicken and eggs to improve immunity. 

Fear among People

Rumours started getting spread in the early February that consumption of chicken could lead to COVID-19. And this resulted in decreased sales of egg and chicken. The traders cut down the process by over 70% across the state, but that too became pointless as Chicken and egg became prohibition for many.

To remove this fear among the people, the poultry sector in association with the administration made many efforts by conducting awareness campaigns, but still failed to make much impact.

However, things changed when doctors start suggesting chicken and eggs as the best foods to boost immunity. And sales again improved at chicken centres, that too especially on Sundays.

Sales Back on the Track

As per the report collected from poultry farmers, if the daily consumption of eggs between February and April was 1.25 crore per day, sales have now increased up to 2.5 crore per day. In the same pattern, sale of broiler birds increased from less than 1 crore to 1.5 crore per month during this period.

KG Anand, General Manager, Venkateshwara Hatcheries said, “We are able to do over 70% of business compared to last year. Usually, the egg sales from Telangana is 3.50 crore a day while broiler birds per month is 2.50 crore. The industry steadily returning to normal business and might reach 100% of business by December.”

There are near to 10,000 broiler farms and 2000 layer farms in the State. And apart from sales in Telangana, eggs are also supplied to Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Kolkata and some parts of Tamil Nadu, and broiler birds are sold only in the state.

Prices Expected to Remain High

Due to the shortage in production, the prices of both eggs and chicken are expected to remain high till the October and may decrease later depending upon the supply.

Farmers said that the price of chicken would be around Rs. 220 per kg to Rs. 250 per kg, while eggs may cost up to Rs. 6. The wholesale price at the farm itself is Rs. 4.50 per egg, and costing Rs. 5.50 in retail shops. The estimated loss suffered during the lockdown by the poultry industry is around Rs. 3000 crores.

Source- Telangana Today

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