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Poultry Farming: Earn up to Rs 10 Lakh from 1000 Kadaknath Chicken; Know How

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Kadaknath Chicken

Chicken is one of the favourite foods of non-vegetarians because of its superfine taste. Today, we will discuss about the chicken whose taste and quality, both are excellent and much better than any common chicken. And at the same time, you can easily earn millions of rupees by nurturing this species of chicken.

We are talking about Kadaknath Chicken/Kali Masi Chicken/Fowl having black flesh, an Indian breed of chicken having black meat and skin. This is mostly found in tribal region of Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh. The most surprising thing for you is that, you can earn millions of rupees by just nurturing 1 thousand Kadaknath chicken.

What’s so special about Kadaknath?

Kadaknath chicken is the only black meat chicken in India. Several researches have revealed that instead of white coloured chicken, the amount of cholesterol in black meat chicken is very less, and the level of amino acids is high. It is much tastier than native chicken. The flesh, blood, beak, eggs, tongue, and body, all are black in colour, and contains high amount of protein. And fat content is very low. Because of this much nutritious value, it is beneficial for heart patients and diabetes patients. One more surprising fact is that, Indian Cricket team captain, ViratKohli was also advised to consume this chicken.

Kadaknath Eggs

From Where can you get Kadaknath?

Kala Mali chicken is native to the tribal region of Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh. But now, this breed of chicken is found in many states of India, including Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Demand of this chicken is very good across the country. There are three species of this chicken including, Jade Black, Pensield and Golden Kadaknath. The wings of Jade Black are completely black and the shape of Pensield resembles pencil. And In Golden Kadaknath, gold splashes are there on its wings.

How to Raise and Nurture Kadaknath ?

You can earn a considerable amount by producing Kadaknath chicken. For raising 100 chicks of Kadaknath, you will need 150 square feet of space. And for 1000 Kali Masi, you will need 1500 square feet of space. Remember, chicken must be raised in such a place outside the village or city where adequate quantity of water, electricity is available. A shed must be constructed for Kadaknath chickens, where adequate amount of light and air can pass. At the same time, keep in mind that two sheds should not be kept together. And in a shed, only single breed of chickens can be kept. And food must not be given to the chickens in the night time or darkness.

There is a huge demand of Kadaknath chicken and eggs in the market. It’s one egg costs about Rs. 50. And you can earn about Rs. 900 to 1000 per kg of Kadaknath cock. And one-day age’s chick costs about Rs. 70 to 100. And if you raise 1 thousand Kadaknath chickens, they you can earn in Millions.

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