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Profit Margin in Cattle Feed Business: Cattle Feed Nutritional Analysis

Profit margin in the cattle feed business can be attained easily. The cattle feed market is flourishing and giving lucrative returns to investors.

Aysha Anam
Profit Margin in Cattle Feed Business
Profit Margin in Cattle Feed Business

The commercial production of high-grade cattle feed market in India is considered a profitable business. As the demand for cattle feed is rising, the prices are also going upward. One can earn lakhs with the cattle feeding profitability.

Cattle Feeding

Cattle feed includes wheat bran, extraction of groundnut (cake), rice bran extract, maize, ground wheat, cottonseed bran, cottonseed molasses, vitamin mix, salt mineral mix, etc.

Cattle Feed Business Plan

The total expense or capital required in the cattle feed business is around Rs 7 lakh to 15 lakh which would include raw material storage, transportation, etc.

Cattle Feed Manufacturing Process

The manufacture of plant set-up is a one-time investment. The machines, blenders, and equipment need to be of good quality. This would ensure a steady supply of ingredients for the production of the feed.

The land requirement to set up the manufacturing plant is generally very low and is attainable at a very low cost in rural areas. One can use the barren land also, which has no value in rural areas, for setting up the manufacturing unit.

All in all, around Rs 5 lakh is required for the entire setup of the manufacturing facility. There are several state and central government schemes which support the construction of these units. Also, there are easy loan schemes available.

Cattle Feed Business Legal Requirements 

Get a trade permit.
Get an NOC (No Opinion Certificate) through the State PCB (Pollution Control Board).
Determine whether VAT is required or not.
Get your company registered
Make an application to MSME for completing Udyog Aadhaar Online registration.
Submit an application to the BIS Certification (Bureau of Standards) for the ISI mark.
Register your trademark, and safeguard your brand's name.

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Profit Margin in Cattle Feed Business

1. Pearl Millet Cattle Feed

Production price: Rs. 512.31 per quintal

Market price: Rs 18577.54 per quintal

Nutritional value: Crude protein ranges from 9% to 11% in unfertilized soils. It includes calcium, iron, energy

2. Maize Cattle Feed

Production price: Rs 3750 per ton

Market price: Rs 20,000.00 - 25,000.00 per ton

Nutritional value: It includes carbohydrates, 8-10% protein and 60.0% total digestible nutrients.


3. Cowpea Cattle Feed

Production price: Rs 40000 in 1.5 hectare

Market price: Rs 2 Lakh in 1.5 hectare

Nutritional value: It includes fibers, plant-based proteins, vit (A, C, thiamine, riboflavin, folate, B6), iron, selenium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, copper


4. Barley Cattle Feed

Production price: Rs 5323 – Rs 8649

Market price: Rs 17466

Nutritional value: Moisture content is 7 times higher, crude protein is 3.4 times higher than in grain



5. Wheat Cattle Feed

Production price: Rs 200 quintal

Market price: Rs 750 quintal.

Nutritional value: It is more valuable than the straw.


6. Lucerne Cattle Feed

Production price: Rs 20 kg

Market price: Rs 600 kg

Nutritional value: It contains 18-22% crude protein and 25-35% crude fibre


7. Sorghum Cattle Feed

Production price: Rs 1383

Market price: Rs 3729

Nutritional value: It contains 330 calories, 10 grams of plant-based protein, 69 grams of carbohydrates, and 6 grams of dietary fiber.


8. Oat Cattle Feed

Production price: Rs 19966.9. per hectare

Market price: Rs 36000 per ton

Nutritional value: It contains 7-9% crude protein. It is very much relished by horses, sheep, poultry, and equines.

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