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TAG’s Innovative Technology Platform Will Double Dairy Farmers Income

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

A livestock technology company, Tropical Animal Genetics (TAG) has come out with a technology that will ensure lactation in cows without the need for pregnancy & birth.

Co-Founder & Mentor of TAG, Aluri Srinivasa Rao said, “The Pregnancy Free Lactation or PFL that is being tested in small cow populations, induces lactation by imitating the conditions of pregnancy”.

He added that “This solution will extend the productive life of a cow and will deal with the stray cattle problem in the country. It will change dry cows into productive cattle and will also help gaushalas become profitable”.

Managing Director of TAG, Pravin Kini said, “By giving certain medicines to a cow, we can mimic the pre-delivery conditions that usually trigger lactation. After thirty days, the cow will give milk for 9 months”.

TAG's Embryo Technology

He said the Tropical Bovine Genetics or TBG platform gives assured genetics with embryo technology (ET), which can potentially enhance the income of dairy farmers.


He added that “Poor genetics of the herd cause low milk productivity. Tropical Animal Genetics has industrialized sexed embryo technology allowing dairy farmers to access high productivity cows at reasonable prices”.

He further told “Embryo-derived milch cows will help dairy farmers increase their income. We have a facility at Anand in Gujarat that can produce 1 lakh embryos per year. We are going to establish more such facilities in various parts of the country”.

Cost of an embryo will around Rs. 25,000 to 30,000. At present the company is targeting dairy farms before reaching out to individual farmers.

Rao said, “We are a technology firm. We are not aiming at producing embryos to meet the complete demand. We are looking at transferring the technology”.

The company, which has raised about $10 million, will establish a facility in Hyderabad with 30 people.

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