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Top 7 Sheep Breeds In India With Features, Varieties & Much More

In this article, we have compiled a list of Top 7 Sheep Breeds in India with their complete details. Know which state has, which variety of sheep breeds and more.

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7 Best Sheep Breeds in India
7 Best Sheep Breeds in India

Sheep farming is slowly becoming popular in India. If you want to start sheep farming then you must read this article to know about different sheep breeds reared in different states of India.

Here, we have tried to bring together the best sheep breed for you and where they can be purchased from. Depending on the topographical terrain, India has a different variety of sheep breeds. We have compiled a list of the most well-known sheep breeds, as well as their qualities and attributes.

List of 7 Best Indian Sheep Breeds  

Below we have listed the best sheep breeds in India, along with their features.

Deccani Sheep 

This variety is a hybrid between the woolly varieties of Rajasthan and the hairy varieties of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. These sheep breeds are produced in India to provide both fleece and lamb. This sheep breed is also small and tough, making it appropriate for harsh field circumstances.

It is found in the Mumbai Deccan region, as well as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana. The shading of this sheep breed is black and dark. These sheep are good for fleece production, with a typical annual fleece yield of roughly 5kg per sheep. The fleece, on the other hand, is of poor quality, comprised mostly of a mixture of hair and strands, and is used to manufacture unappealing covers. 

Nellore Sheep 

This type is primarily found in Andhra Pradesh and a few isolated areas in Telangana. Given their considerable flexibility for the southern environment, they can be grown in any part of south India. These are larger and have less hair. This kind is the tallest of all the remaining varieties in India, and it resembles a goat. This cultivar has a bleak appearance. Short hair abundantly covers the long ears and body. The majority of this breed's sheep have a red tone to them.

That is why they are referred to as Nellore Red. The ears of this sheep breed are long and dangling. With magnificent homestead the board rehearses, male sheep average 36-38 kg in body weight, while female sheep average 28-30 kg. In India, there are various sheep breeds.

Vembur Sheep 

This is primarily prevalent in the state of Tamil Nadu. These are tall and mostly raised for meat production. The skin of this sheep breed is white with red markings on the body. The ears are usually hanging and of a smaller size. The males of this species have horns, whereas the females are devoid of horns.

The farmers the executives rehearse rely on body loads of grown-up male and female sheep. Male & female sheep have normal loads of 35-38 kg and 28-30 kg, respectively.

Gaddi Sheep

The Gaddi Sheep is one of India's most popular sheep breeds. These are little in size and can be found in various parts of Jammu & Kashmir. The primary reason for raising this breed is for the fleece. Males have horns, whereas females do not.

This variety's wool is fine and brilliant, with a median annual yield of 1.15 kg per sheep, which is normally cut three times per year. Kullu cloaks and wraps are made from the fleece of this sheep breed.

Mandya Sheep 

Mandya Sheep is one of India's most popular sheep breeds. These are mostly found in Mandya Region of Karnataka. Mandya sheep are little white-hued mammals. Regardless, the face has a mild earthy colored that, in some cases, extends up to the neck.

This type has a small body with long, verdant, and floppy ears. Male sheep typically weigh around 35 kg, whereas female sheep typically weigh around 25 kg. This sheep breed, among others in India, is noted for producing the delicious meat. It is one of India's most popular sheep breeds.

Marwari Sheep 

Long legs, a dark face, and a prominent snout characterize the Marwari Sheep breed. The tail is pointed and short. This cultivar is primarily grown in Jodhpur and parts of the Jaipur region of Rajasthan. These sheep breed rushes are raised in Rajasthan's Barmer and Bali regions. 

These sheep migrate to Uttar Pradesh, a few Madhya Pradesh regions, and a few Maharashtra areas. This type has a high level of worm and disease tolerance. Because of this variety's high blockage, the endurance rate is very high. Every sheep's typical fleece weight for a year is estimated to be between 1 and 1.25 kg.

Chennai Red Sheep  

This variety of sheep can be found in several places of Tamil Nadu. This breed is mostly used for meat production. The majority of Chennai Red Sheep are purple-hued, with some having colored stripes on their temples. Sheep males and females have body weights of 34-36 kg and 24-26 kg, respectively. It is one of the most famous and common sheep breeds in India. 

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