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Top Most Profitable Animal Husbandry Business Ideas with Government Subsidy; Do this & Earn in Lakhs

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia
Animal Husbandry Business
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Animal Husbandry Business: India is well-known for livestock farming. Though, a large part of our population is involved in farming, yet only few know how to do profitable farming and generate more income. Krishi Jagran wants its farmers not only do profitable farming but also do profitable animal husbandry. In this regard, we keep on informing our readers about latest and advanced methods to double their profits.

Earn in lakhs by doing profitable animal husbandry business:

Interestingly, through animal husbandry also many farmers and common people can earn in lakhs every month. The key here is to do variety of production. For farmers, animal husbandry is considered to be an occupation in which there is less possibility of loss. Many new scientific methods have also developed in animal husbandry today which is becoming very beneficial for the farmers. Farmers can easily double their income by using these latest scientific methods correctly.

Animal husbandry business can be done through many animals. However, the four main animals which can help in making more profits are cow, goat, fish, poultry. In this article, we will talk about these animals in detail.

Profitable Animal Husbandry Business Ideas:

Below we have mentioned some profitable livestock business ideas;

1. Cow farming business

The cow rearing business has developed a lot in the last few days. The business of cow rearing is no longer limited to the village itself, but its trend in cities is in full swing. Dairy products are being produced by rearing cows.

Cow farming is a very profitable business as both milk and cow dung can be used. The business of cow rearing can only be started from 4 to 5 cows. Talking about cow's milk, a cow usually gives 30 to 35 liters of milk and the price of one liter of milk is Rs 40. Thus, about Rs 1200 can be earned in a day or you can earn up to Rs 6000 from 5 cow's milk. If you have to remove your fodder expenses etc. from it, then you can assume that you can earn Rs 2000 in a day on at least 5 cows.

Apart from this, profits can also be made through milk, curd, buttermilk, ghee and mawa and by making gas, manure etc from cow dung.

Cow Business
Cow Business

2. Fisheries Business

Nowadays, much help is being provided by the government for fisheries. Fish farming is a business in which costs are low and profits are high. For fish farming these days, fishes are being reared by artificially creating ponds or tanks etc. The number of people consuming fish is increasing daily. People consume it for the protein and its oil. If a fish is worth one kilo, then you can sell according to Rs 100 a kilo and earn from Rs 40000 to 50000 per month according to 5000 fish.

3. Goat rearing business

Good profit can also be made from goat rearing business. This business can also be started by raising 5 goats. A goat gives two calves in 6 months, if one calf is sold in the market for Rs 4000, then Rs 8000 to 9000 can be earned from two calves. The government also gives loan for goat rearing, so you can start it easily.

Goat Business
Goat Business

4. Poultry business

Poultry farming is also flourishing in the country as a good business. The number of poultry farmers in the country has increased continuously in the last few years. Poultry farms are being opened everywhere. In poultry farming, you can earn profit by doing business through eggs and meat. The business of eggs and meat has become more due to protein.

Government Subsidy on Animal Husbandry:

It is to be noted that the government is giving subsidy for all these types of animal husbandry businesses, through which it is very easy to start them. All you have to do is contact the animal husbandry department of your state. You can also connect with them online.

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