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Want to Start Your Own Dairy Business? Make Sure You Read this First!

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Important tips for starting Dairy Farming Business
Important tips for starting Dairy Farming Business

Dairy farming is one of those businesses that do not depend on season or weather or any place. It is one of the few evergreen businesses that can be started anywhere and anytime.  

No matter where you live, or which season it is, people require milk and other dairy products on daily basis.  

Hence starting a dairy business can be an evergreen and profitable venture for you.  

But if you are new in this business and want to start your own dairy, then make sure that you read the details given below, which will help you for sure in this new business plan. Or if dairy farming is not new for you, you already have some experience, then too you must read these points, as it will help you to make more profits. 

Business Plan with proper SWOT Analysis 

Okay, you are not a management student, but proper planning and SWOT Analysis is a must before starting any business. SWOT in SWOT Analysis refers to Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats. Start with the proper planning. The first thing that comes in planning is, your cattle. Where you are starting your dairy farming business? Is the location suitable for your cattle? Is cattle food available? Will cattle be comfortable? Then comes the transportation facility. And then move towards SWOT Analysis. It depends on the availability of resources, which factors are becoming weakness, and which factors can serve as good opportunity or threat. 

Investment Planning 

Dairy farming requires a lot of capital investment. For this, you can take loan. Or there are many government schemes that can help you. The government is promoting the dairy farming business and has come up with many subsidy schemes, loan schemes, and other support schemes for the dairy farming businesses.  

Click here to know about these schemes. 

Think Like a Manager 

After all, you are the manager of your dairy farming business, so you must think like a manager. Manager’s first duty is to think about the betterment and for that, you will require expert advice and proper observation, and then you can decide what is good and what is not.  

Cattle Feeding & Waste Management 

Obviously, cow gives you milk, and for nutritious milk, they must be healthy and sound. And for this, cattle feed planning is a must. If you are feeding your cattle with your own grown food or take them somewhere for grazing so that's not sufficient. You should also consult to a nutritionist as dairy cattle require some important nutrients in a balanced quantity.

After feeding comes waste management, dairy cattle produce lots of manure that can be used for the growth of crops, if you are doing crop farming along with dairy farming, then it’s a good opportunity to utilize cattle waste. Or you can sell this manure to someone as a part of dairy waste management.  

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