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After “MBA Chaiwala”, This Man from Bihar becomes “MBA Sabziwala”; Is an MBA Degree Worth It?

Prafull Billore – The Famous “MBA Chaiwala” has become the talk of the town for his Multi Crore ‘Chai Business’ which he started himself from scratch after quitting MBA in just 7 Days. Like him Kaushalendra Kumar, an IIM Ahmedabad alumini, is now being famously known as “MBA Sabziwala”.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Kaushalendra Kumar (L) & Prafull Billore (R)
Kaushalendra Kumar (L) & Prafull Billore (R)

Prafull Billore – The Famous “MBA Chaiwala” has become the talk of the town for his Multi Crore ‘Chai Business’ which he started himself from scratch after quitting MBA in just 7 Days. Like him Kaushalendra Kumar, an IIM Ahmedabad alumini, is now being famously known as “MBA Sabziwala”.  

Kaushalendra Kumar’s parents took a loan of Rs 5 lakh to earn him a coveted MBA Degree from the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad. But their son had a radically different idea! 

Kaushlendra Kumar who rather than joining a big company after graduating from IIM Ahmedabad decided to go back to his roots in Bihar to open an agribusiness company. The company now has a turnover of nearly Rs 5 crore and has also provided employment to over 20,000 farmers. He aspires to make Bihar, “The Vegetable Capital of the Country”.  

He started off with only 5 Kg of vegetables and his cooperative had a turnover of Rs 2.5 crore within 3 years with the help of hundreds of farmers in his network. 

Here, we shared with you examples of 2 people; one who built a multi-crore business by quitting MBA in the middle and another who built a multi-crore business after graduating from top MBA Colleges of India. Now you must be left wondering if MBA is actually important for your success or not?  Well, then you are not alone, many people face the same dilemma.  

In one of the interviews, Kaushalendra said “My experiences at IIM Ahmedabad have not only helped me at each & every step of my entrepreneurial journey but also in my day to day life. Whatever we do in life is a lesson in management for all of us.” 

While MBA Chaiwala was quoted saying “I couldn’t score well in CAT after giving it my all, I was devastated.& therefore, took an admission in a local MBA college. I was also working at a restaurant simultaneously and honestly, I was learning more as a cashier at the restaurant than as a MBA student.” 

An MBA is a post-graduate degree focused on building leadership skills and learning business principles. But for the majority of students, an MBA offers much more than that, such as a stronger professional network, access to job opportunities, and a bigger paycheck.  

Some of these benefits manifest sooner than others. Those accepted into highly ranked programs gain almost immediate access to seasoned staff who can help them make connections, and they can expect a significant pay bump upon graduation. The average salary for graduates from top schools is typically in the 6 figures. 

But sometimes, the full impact of an MBA can take a few years to come to fruition, and if you’re in it for the wrong reasons, you might not achieve the outcomes you want.  

Therefore, if you are confused regarding getting an MBA degree, we suggest you to ask yourself “Why you want to pursue MBA?” as the solution to your confusion lies in that very question. 

Do let us know whether this article helped you in any way in the comments below & Stay tuned to Krishi Jagran for more career-related articles! 

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