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Top 10 Profitable Milk Processing Business Ideas with Low Investment

M Kanika
M Kanika
Value-Added Milk Products
Value-Added Milk Products

The value-added milk products give more profits to the manufacturers. These products have a longer shelf life as compared to raw milk. These value-added products will definitely help your business to be more visible to the public & open up new markets. The key to success for value-added products is to market the high-quality pure product, price it reasonably & make it available in a convenient location for customers to purchase them. 

One should consistently deliver the product & should have sufficient supplies to meet people’s demand. Generally, the consumers pay the premium to purchase products that are locally produced. If you are thinking about which product can ensure the highest profitability, or which product has a sustainable profit in long run, then let us tell you that each & every product is profitable, you can consider picking up any business idea from the list mentioned below.

List of 10 Most Lucrative Milk Processing Business Ideas

Check out the most profitable business ideas of value-added milk products.


Butter is one of the most well-known products in the Dairy Industry. Now, you can find varieties of butter including the low-cholesterol butter, which is gaining popularity and is consumed by many people. Even you can start small-scale & margarine manufacturing along with moderate capital investment.

Cheese & Paneer

Cheese is considered as a very popular dairy product in Indian Market & the other majorly popular item is paneer, as it is an essential product, for not only to use it as a bread spread & household product, in fact, it is also used in the hotels & restaurants.  


Ghee & Vanaspati are 2 major products in Indian Market, with simple machinery & equipment, anyone can start manufacturing it. Doesn’t matter, if you have space or not, you can initiate this unit from your home.


Ice cream is one of the most popular value-added milk products which are loved by all over the world. You can start varieties of ice-cream production on a small-scale basis. The process of it is simple; however, its business demands moderate capital investment in the machinery & raw materials.


Amul is the pioneer in packaged lassi industry. It comes in the tetra pack & pet bottles both. The herbal lassi is another famous product. You can start the packaged lassi manufacturing business with a small capital investment.

Cheese Cake

It is the most delicious dessert item. It usually contains soft & fresh cheese, eggs & sugar. Anyone can start this cheese-making unit, however, its business demands some space & small equipments. 

Yogurt or Curd 

Yogurt is gaining popularity as people become aware of the nutritional health benefits of eating yogurt. The health benefits of 2 probiotics, which aid the digestion, Streptococcus thermophilous & Lactobacillus Bulgaricus. The flavored & drinkable yogurts are one of the leading yogurt products.

Bottled Milk  

It is farm-fresh milk. Generally, people prefer it for purity & originality. Any type of dairy farm can offer this milk. The tradition of the packaging system is the glass bottles. However, nowadays, the farmers are using pet bottles and for a large-scale dairy farm, you will need to arrange the volumetric filling machine for packaging of raw milk.


This is the most popular sweet, which has a clear dominance in Indian Sweet Industry. Apart from the domestic consumption, the canned rasgulla has export potential as well. You can sell this fresh rasgulla in the local market & you can even establish a wide distribution of networks for the canned rasgulla.


It is the composition of a higher-butterfat layer skimmed from the top of milk before homogenization. It has so many culinary uses in both sweet & salty dishes. There are 4 different types of cream and these are half & half, light whipping cream, light cream & heavy cream.

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