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Unadulterated Desi Ghee can do Wonders for Your Body; Know How?

Indian people have always used various spices and raw food materials in their food preparation and all of those ingredients have particular health benefits which have been mentioned in many ancient books and the same have been proven by scientists too. One of those products is Desi ghee. It can strengthen the heart, improve metabolism and also help in weight loss.

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Desi ghee
Desi ghee

Indian household have a lot of food source which has its origins rooted from ages before. The Indian kitchen has always been filled with lots of spices and organic food. Almost every meal cooked in Indian restaurant and kitchen is cooked from scratch giving it the deliciousness it is known for in the entire world.

The food has always been full of rich flavours and immense nutrition. Every spice here in India is known for its ayurvedic uses and so are the other raw food materials.

One of these food items remarkably known as “Desi Ghee” or Indian purified butter. It’s a myth that Desi ghee would make a person gain weight but the fact is that Desi ghee has been proven by scientist to have ayurvedic properties. It breaks down the rigid fat present in our body as it’s a single chain fatty acid which increases our body’s metabolism rate too.

Every Indian grandmother have practiced the routine of feeding a spoon full of Desi ghee to their grandchildren from a very early age because they knew about its immunity providing properties which would only help the body to gain immunity.

Several other health benefits have been proven and therefore now it has been getting all the limelight from all of the fitness industry, making it in demand inside the market. With it not just taste of the food is enhanced our health also benefits.

Speaking of market, Desi ghee has now been branded and has been sold out by various companies like Amul, Nestle, Aashirvaad, Mother Dairy, Patanjali, Govardhan ghee etc. Well these brands have all been tried and tested by the consumers but there are some great local or state brands too which have been producing quality product and have satisfied their consumers so well that now they have come to highlight.

Let’s know more about such companies:

Two Brother’s Organic farm: This company’s brand name is “Amore Earth” and has almost 5 varieties of Desi ghee which is been sold. All of the ghee has been made using GIR cows A2 milk and in complete organic way.

Among these 5 products, the pure unadulterated Desi ghee is been sold with the name of A2 Culture Ghee. Other varieties of Desi ghee are also pure ghee but mixed with some organic herbs or cured with some special methods in order to enhance the ghee’s flavours.

So the Desi ghee from this company (A2 culture ghee) has a special fact though. Unlike other ghee’s whose melting point is around 40 degrees Celsius, this ghee has a very low melting point of around 36 degree Celsius which is lower than even the human normal body temperature.

The price rate for every 500 gm is around Rs. 1650 to 2500.

Vinalaya GIR cow ghee: another unadulterated Desi ghee selling company which too uses GIR cows A2 milk. This company claims that there ghee is completely 100% organic, free of gluten, and makes the milk easily digestible for all people. It is also consumable for people having raisin and lactose intolerance as the ghee is made up of A2 proteins of A2 milk making it easy for consuming.

This company produces the pure unadulterated ghee using a traditional Bilona method which has a mention in our Vedic literature. The company has been engaged to a very special cause where a certain percentage of their profits are donated for saving the old age cows from being slaughtered in slaughter houses.

The ghee cost around Rs. 500 for every 500 gm of ghee bottle.

Kapiva’s A2 Ghee: The Company is also based on Mumbai and has been producing A2 milk from the Tharparkar cows from Thar Desert for making the Desi ghee. This is an initiative started by the company to replace the processed food with good healthy unadulterated and pure products. The company deals with other products too like pure honey, teas, oils and juices.

The Desi ghee from this particular company, has been given many good reviews by the consumers and therefore had many sales too this year.

 The cost of the ghee ranges from around Rs. 630 to Rs.1, 350 per 500 gm.

Farm Naturelle: The Company based in Haryana, has been founded in the year 2014 in Nanital. The main company is in Gurgaon and the owner has a land in Nanital from where all its organic produces have been grown.

The Desi ghee has been produced using the traditional Bilona method and therefore it also uses A2 milk for the ghee production. According to them their ghee provides with better brain functionality, helps in heart functioning and many more such benefits.

The company has been known for its all kind of organic food products from ghee to honey and all kinds of organic produce.

The average cost of the Desi ghee for each 200gm is around Rs. 350.

GIR gavya : the Company has a foundation of beliefs that today’s time is the time to return back to our old ways of living where there was no sign of adulterated foods or processed food. This company also beliefs that more than half of the world’s diseases are cause due to the adulteration process and hence, they have started the initiative to provide pure milk, ghee and other products to the consumers at their door step.

Their website has various articles regarding the importance of Desi ghee for the benefit of human body and its health.

This company also uses indigenous GIR cows A2 milk which contains the A2 protein. The Desi ghee is made with the help of Vedic method of churning the curd into ghee.

Here for 1L of Desi ghee it cost around Rs.3, 200.

Aavin ghee: Founded by R. Kumar Karthick Raj, the company is established at Chennai and has been the most popular among the Chennai and whole of the Tamil Nadu consumers. The company was started with a very low investment but now has raised its share values across the two states.

This company has their ghee and other products being exported to many international countries like Kuwait, Qatar, Malaysia and Singapore.

They provide 100% pure Desi ghee and therefore have served over 1 lakhs happy customers every year. The cost is also super affordable, for every 1l they charge around Rs. 480 which is literally the cheapest yet.

GIR ORGANIC: GIR ORGANIC Company has started its company from the year of 1990, based on the state of Gujarat, the company has followed the process of producing pure ghee from GIR cows which have been taken care and raised at their own GIR organic farms. They claim that the cows are fed only on natural grass free of pesticides and insecticides which makes their milk and ghee completely organic and pure. They too are involved in cow protection.

Now as per the price values, this company’s ghee cost almost Rs.2, 000 for every 1 L.

Gavyamrut: Parthvimeda Panchgavy Utpad Pvt Ltd company has a Desi ghee with a brand name called Gavyamrut based in the city of Agra in the state of UP has involved in providing the consumers with all the panchagavya products from cow. The Desi ghee is made by collecting milks from pure breed of A2 milk from almost 500km range of area and almost 11 villages are associated with the work of providing raw milk.

The company has more branches in major cities and over 500 dealers across the nation.

The cost of Desi ghee for every 1L is Rs.1, 100.

Unadulterated Desi ghee now has made a comeback in our household again especially the 100% pure ones as now with ages people have learned about the benefits of our own age old recipes and food habits; therefore making these food products reviving the food market and making it a million dollars  worth industry.

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