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World Plant Milk Day: Plant Milks to Try and its Tradition

World Plant Milk Day celebrates the diverse range of plant-based milk alternatives available and encourages trying different varieties as a way to promote sustainable and ethical choices.

Shivangi Rai
Plant milk offers essential nutrients and minerals that contribute to your overall well-being. (Image Courtesy- Unsplash)
Plant milk offers essential nutrients and minerals that contribute to your overall well-being. (Image Courtesy- Unsplash)

World Plant Milk Day, celebrated on August 22, highlights the importance of plant milk as a sustainable and nutritious alternative to dairy milk.

Plant milk offers essential nutrients and minerals that contribute to your overall well-being. By choosing plant milk, you not only support your health but also play a role in reducing animal cruelty and combating global warming.

So, take a moment on this day to raise a refreshing glass of plant milk in appreciation of both your own health and the health of our planet.

Fortunately, there are plenty of different varieties to choose from, and more vegan milk alternatives are hitting the market every year.

With more than 300 types of plant milk carrying the Vegan Trademark, making the switch from dairy has never been simpler. Whether you prefer pea milk or oat milk, you have a wide variety to choose from. When a product displays the Vegan Trademark, it indicates that experts have carefully examined its ingredients and production methods to guarantee they align with the rigorous criteria of not including any animal-derived components.

World Plant Milk Day: Types of Vegan Milks

  1. Oat Milk:

   - Requires less water and land than cow's milk.

   - Great for iced lattes.

  1. Soy Milk:

   - Widely known vegan milk.

   - Versatile for various uses, including tea and savoury dishes.

  1. Almond Milk:

   - Ideal for desserts, chocolates, and milkshakes.

  1. Hazelnut Milk:

   - Adds a sweet touch to treats and coffee.

  1. Coconut Milk:

   - Versatile for cereal, smoothies, baking, and coffee.

   - Adds a coconut flavour twist.

  1. Cashew Milk:

   - Creamy texture for cooking and desserts.

   - Suitable for sauces and puddings.

  1. Hemp Milk:

   - Nutty and light flavour.

   - Versatile for cooking, smoothies, and tea.

  1. Pea Milk:

   - Newer to the scene but versatile.

   - Contains protein from yellow split peas.


These vegan milk options offer various flavours and textures to suit different tastes and uses.


World Plant Milk Day: Tradition

World Plant Milk Day isn't just a tradition; it's a global movement aimed at shifting from whole-fat dairy milk to plant-based alternatives. Health experts, environmental activists, and even industry specialists come together to promote and educate about plant-based milk. They highlight that choosing plant-based milk doesn't mean sacrificing taste or nutrition.

Plant-based milk is presented as a wholesome and viable substitute for cow's milk, finding its way into everyday recipes. People who are lactose intolerant or conscious of their health often embrace plant-based milk in their diets. Conversations about the benefits and drawbacks of different milk types take place on online health forums, making the transition decision more informed and easier to make.

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