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Banana Production in India Likely to Drop Due to Climate Change

Climate Change across the globe is inviting many bad consequences including bad news for India’s agriculture sector. India, the largest producer of Banana cultivation is likely to see a drop in its production, as per reports.

Pronami Chetia

Climate Change across the globe is inviting many bad consequences including bad news for India’s agriculture sector. India, the largest producer of Banana cultivation is likely to see a drop in its production, as per reports. 

Climate change may lead to a significant decline in banana production in India, the world’s largest cultivator and consumer of the crop. Bananas are renowned as the most popular fruit crop, providing food, nutrition, and income for millions in both rural and urban areas across the globe. 

What do those studies indicate? 

Many reports have looked at the impact of climate change on agricultural production which claimed that the rising temperatures and changing rainfall pattern has affected a lot on crucial tropical crops such as the banana. 

Researchers, led by Dan Bebber from the University of Exeter in the UK, studied both the recent and future impact of climate change on the world’s leading banana producers and exporters. 

The study shows that 27 countries accounting for 86 percent of the world’s dessert banana production have on average seen increased crop yield since 1961 due to the changing climate, resulting in more favorable growing conditions. 

The study published in the journal Nature Climate Change suggests that these gains could be significantly reduced, or disappear completely, by 2050 if climate change continues at its expected rate. 

It suggests that the world’s largest producer and consumer of banana India and the fourth-largest producer, Brazil are predicted to witness a decline in crop yields. 

The study also highlights that some countries – including Ecuador (the largest exporter) and Honduras, as well as a number of African countries – may see an overall benefit in crop yields. 

“We’re very concerned about the impact of diseases like Fusarium Wilt on bananas, but the impacts of climate change have been largely ignored,” said Bebber. 

“There will be winners and losers in coming years and our study may stimulate vulnerable countries to prepare through investment in technologies like irrigation,” he said. 

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