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Baramati Agro Ltd Transforming Agriculture in India With Sustainable Soil Health Management

Baramati Agro Ltd. is a company that represents Arctech Inc. in India for Sales & Marketing of Actosol & its derivative products. These products have a proven track record in various countries for improving soil health, which eventually increases the yield of agricultural produce for a farmer.

Aysha Anam

Baramati Agro Ltd: The main issues in soils that impact yield are high salinity/pH, low buffering capacity, lower soil organic carbon (which impacts fertility), and low water holding capacity. Soil health is the foundation of productive, sustainable agriculture. Managing soil health allows producers to work with the land – not against it – to reduce erosion, maximize water infiltration, improve nutrient cycling, save money on inputs, and ultimately improve the resiliency of their working land.

Baramati Agro Ltd has started its work on soil health improvements and empowering farmers for crop welfare. Their products are specially designed to improve soil health and increase crop yield. Actosol comprises organic Humic, Fulvic acids & Humus derived from deep deposits of coal. The product is extracted from coal biologically using termites. It is identical to natural humus, which is the building block of natural organic matter, essential for the maintenance of soil fertility & growth of all kinds of crops.

Actosol is 100% organic in nature, OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) registered, and USDA ORGANIC-approved product. It increases the moisture-holding capacity of the soil, improves soil tilth & infiltration of compacted soils, increases cation exchange capacity & chelation of plant nutrients, converts phosphorus into plant-available form, improves buffering properties of soils, and increases water uptake in high salinity soils by modulating osmotic pressure.

Actosol also stimulates hormonal activity, accelerates plant cell division & promotes growth (increases the strength of leaves & plants, reduces pest & disease attacks), stimulates growth & proliferation of soil microorganisms (increase Earthworm population also increases Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria like Mycorrhiza, Azotobacter, and PSB), and aids in photosynthesis.

Nutrient Enhancer is a derivative product of Base Actosol. It is specially designed using an organic material for better coating of fertilizers. It can be used to coat all types of granular fertilizers. It increases the chelating capability of fertilizers for better uptake of primary & secondary nutrients by plants. Nutrient Enhancer Seed Coat is specifically developed to coat all types of seeds. It helps in better, early, and uniform germination of seeds. The product contains a molecule of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. It is hydrophilic in nature and ensures that the seeds remain hydrated during germination. It also contains oxygen, which is critical for the metabolism of the seed and photosynthesis.

Calcium Actosol is responsible for holding together the cell walls of plants. It is also crucial in activating certain enzymes and sending signals coordinating certain cellular activities. Calcium Actosol contributes to soil fertility by helping maintain a flocculated clay, with good aeration. Ensuring the presence of adequate soil calcium will provide the best soil structure.

Micronutrients Actosol plays an important role in enzymatic actions, redox reactions, photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, and protein synthesis. Iron (Fe) is essential for crop growth and food production. Plants take up Fe as the ferrous (Fe² +) cation. Iron is a component of many enzymes associated with energy transfer, nitrogen reduction and fixation, and lignin formation. Manganese (Mn) activates an enzyme involved in photosynthesis, respiration, etc. It helps in the splitting of water during photosynthesis. Magnesium (Mg) is involved in the activation of enzymes in respiration and photosynthesis and helps in the synthesis of DNA and RNA. It is also an important constituent of ribosomes and helps in maintaining the structure of the ribosome.

Baramati Agro New Product

Baramati Agro has newly launched a new product range which is formulated with Actosol. These products are Black-N, Black-Fe, Black-Mg, Black-Zn, Black-Cu & various grades of Black-NPK.

The products of Baramati Agro Ltd. have a wide range of benefits for farmers. They increase nutrient uptake, increase the water-holding capacity of the soil, help in increasing soil organic carbon, stimulate microbial activity, regulate the pH value of soils, chelate toxins from the soil, improve overall plant health, helping plants better resist predators and disease, stimulate root growth, which increases crop volume, increase fertilizer response, and increase yields.


About Baramati Agro Ltd

In conclusion, Baramati Agro Ltd. is a company that provides cost-effective solutions for the agriculture sector. Their products are specially designed to improve soil health and increase crop yield. The products are suitable for all kinds of crops, and farmers can benefit from them by increasing their crop yield, reducing their input costs, and improving the quality of their produce. The products are 100% organic, which means that they are safe for the environment and do not harm the soil or the crops. So, farmers can use these products without hesitation and enjoy the benefits of healthy soil and high crop yield. With these products that "Smell like Soil – Matti Ki Khushboo" farmers can enjoy maximum yield and profits.

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