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Glendale Estate Wins ‘Silver Medal’ in Global Tea Championship

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
glendale estate

Glendale Estate, Tamil Nadu has won the popular ‘Silver Medal’ in the Global Tea Championship (GTC). Director of Glenworth Estate Ltd. that owns Glendale Estate, K Gopal Krishnan told Business Line, “This is the 2nd consecutive year we are wining the ‘Silver Medal’ in Global Tea Championship. In the GTC’s 2019, which was held in America, the ‘Glendale Twirl’ tea was recognized in the ‘unique open’ category after thorough evaluation on technical aspects etc, by the international judges”. 

The ‘Glendale Twirl’ Mr. Krishnan explained is been prepared from the tender buds that are handpicked early morning and handled very carefully just like fragile flowers. He said that the tea is manufactured when the climate is very cold and dry. When the leaf reaches finest wither, it is cautiously and very slowly ‘twisted’ in a special tea roller and this is how it got the name ‘TWIRL’. The oxidation of the twisted leaf is very important and only during this procedure, the leaf develops the sweet fragrance and the yellowish liquor colour.

He further told that “This tea has a wiry, well twisted, blackish brown but visibly green leaf. An earthy & sweet floral aroma originates from the dry leaf. In addition, the infused leaf of this tea is vivid, greenish yellow with winter green aroma”.

Mr. Krishnan noted, “Its liquid is bright golden yellow with hints of red at the edges of the cup. It is a light liquoring tea, sweet & flowery with spicy notes and tempting winter green taste. The captivating floral fragrance coming through the cup takes the tea connoisseur to a Heavenly bliss!”

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He also said, “By winning this ‘Silver Medal’, we will be showcased in the ‘Buyers Guide 2019’ that is disseminated digitally worldwide. Besides, we have an opportunity to display this reward winning tea at the Winners’ Tasting Circle in The World Tea Expo”.

Glendale Estate has more than 8 decades of experience in the management of tea plantations across the country. Glendale Estate contains 3 Gardens with a total planted area of 525 hectares of tea and production exceeding 3,000 kgs made tea / hectare. The Glendale Factory is one amongst the top factories producing Green Tea, Orthodox Black Tea and Specialty tea in Southern India. The Factory has ‘State of the Art’ machinery to guarantee production of high quality tea under strict hygienic conditions following international standards. Glendale Factory produces more than 1.90 million kg of made tea every year catering mainly to the niche export markets in countries like UK, USA, Russia, Germany, Poland, Japan, China etc.


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