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Harrisons Malayalam to be owner of 30,000 acres of land for plantation for the Growth And Development of Kerala

Harrisons Malayalam limited is India's largest producer of rubber, South Indian largest cultivator of tea and perhaps the largest farmer of pineapples in the region. The company also produces smaller quantities of variety of other exotic horticulture crops like Areca nut, Banana, Cardamom, Cocoa, Coffee, Coconut, Pepper and Vanilla as well as limited quantities of Organic tea and spices.

Operating in rural India the company has been responsible in bringing economic activity to remote parts and providing basic amenities including healthcare to a population otherwise deprived of such support.

The Kerala High Court set aside an order of a special officers for taking over of vast stretches of belonging to the plantation company Harrisons Malayalam Ltd in the state observing that the government cannot act like Robin Hood. The Kerala High Court restores 30,000 acres plantation land to Harrison Malayalam.

The official spokesperson said, "This will help HML to now focus more on growth and development of its estates, thereby protecting the interest of thousand of its employees and their dependent families and also creating more job opportunities in the state". HML expect that the doubt raised on the company and its lands are clarified and put to rest once and for all and it will now be permitted to carry on with normal operation. 

Payal Gupta/Krishi Jagran 

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