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How These Farmers Are Benefitted by Endless Rain?

The overnight rain and a drop in temperature have made wheat farmers happy. Heavy rain in the northern parts of Punjab has brought a cheer to farmers, especially wheat growers who needed another round of irrigation this month.

Tooba Maher

The overnight rain and a drop in temperature have made wheat farmers happy. Heavy rain in the northern parts of Punjab has brought a cheer to farmers, especially wheat growers who needed another round of irrigation this month. 

The country’s wheat producing States of Punjab and Haryana are expected to boost wheat crop output this Rabi season, according to officials and experts. 

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the current active wet spell over the two States is likely to continue for another 12-18 hours, and reduce thereafter in spread and intensity. 

Profit to Wheat Farmers: 

Agriculture expert and former Punjab State Farmers’ Commission adviser, P.S. Rangi said, “Widespread rain at this time will prove to be beneficial for the wheat crop. The rain will help in improving photosynthesis which will result in better growth of the crop and thus in improved yield.” 

He further added, “The minimum temperature has also come down which is likely to remain low during the next few days. It is good for the wheat crop as it thrives in cold conditions.”   

According to the Union Agriculture Ministry data, wheat crop has been sown on nearly 35 lakh hectare in Punjab during the ongoing Rabi season. 

However, in Haryana, wheat acreage was nearly 25 lakh hectare till December 21. 

According to IMD Chandigarh Director, Surinder Pal “Rain has come at the right time. It will not only help in reducing pressure on groundwater but would also help in retaining soil moisture.”  

He said the current spell of rainfall will decrease from tomorrow in intensity and distribution in both the States. The weather will be dry after January 26. Hence, there will be a fall in minimum temperature by 4 to 5 degrees Celsius.” 

Director of the Punjab Agriculture Department, Jasbir Singh Bains said, “Rain will also help in containing the fungal disease yellow rust. The weather conditions were congenial for the attack of yellow rust. But now with rain, it will be controlled to a large extent.” 

Mr. Bains advised wheat growers not to let rainwater stagnate in the fields as it could be harmful to the crop. 

Source- PTI 

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