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Latest Developments in Global and Indian Chickpeas Markets

The article highlights on relevant developments across markets of Canada/Australia/North America and India.

Abhijeet Banerjee

INDIA: Indian chickpeas markets ended the week on a positive mood. Wholesale prices in Bikaner Mandi was Rajasthan was up nearly Rs 100/qtl as compared with the week before. Besan demand was moderate and daily arrivals stood nominal. Prices are much lower than MSP and festive season approaches, therefore traders and stockists are optimistic about prices to remain firm for next one or two months. For the NCDEX grade qualities of Rajasthan Chana, most traders did not expect the rates to go below Rs.3950 till December. Wholesale prices for the same grades in Bikaner Mandi were seen fluctuating mostly between Rs.4200-4275/qtl during the week ending August 14th.  

AUSTRALIA: Chickpea export shipments from Australia have fallen reasonably at this point of the marketing year. According to Australia Bureau of Statistics, July shipments had dropped versus June. The latest data revealed that exports from the country reached 7,665 metric tons (MT) in July, down from 19,244 MT the previous month. Total export sales from the country have therefore reached 256,982, so far during the marketing year. Versus last year the figures are unchanged. Biggest consumer for the month was Pakistan, purchasing 3,272 MT of Australian chickpeas. Canada on the other hand purchased 1,011 MT of Chickpeas from Australia.  

NORTH AMERICA: Farmers and traders in North America seem worried ongoing disease problems in the Chickpea crop and the likely impact over this year's production levels, especially in the region of Saskatchewan and parts of the United States. But there has been no major upward price movement so far, which is reflecting that still there is no concern regarding available supplies. Inventories are reported to be sufficient for exporters and pulse processors to meet their requirements, unless there is any noticeable damage on the yields.  


CANADA: Speaking about the price trends of Canadian Kabuli Chickpeas the 9 mm Kabuli Chickpea markets finished the 2019-20 marketing year with prices on a subdued note. The quotes offered to growers of Canada have gone below the recent three year average annual price by 21% nearly. For the same quality, average price paid was CDN $621.53 per metric ton (MT), versus the average annual bid of $785.47 during the latest three year period. For 2019-20 marketing year the highest monthly average bid was $881.85 per MT, recorded in the month of July. Similarly the lowest monthly average bid level was $518.10 per MT, recorded in September. In context to Canada’s 10mm Kabuli Chickpeas, markets finished the 2019-20 marketing year with prices dropping by 5% below the recent three year average annual wholesale prices. 

For the same quality and marketing year, the highest monthly average was $47.20 per cwt in May, while the lowest monthly average price value was $36.60 per cwt in the month of August. Considering the time duration of the latest three year period, the highest monthly average trading level was $45.60 per cwt, reported in May. Likewise lowest monthly average was $42.00 per cwt in the month of August. 

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