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Modernized Government Schemes for Storing Foodgrains

Government is implementing new schemes for modernization of storage facilities. In this regard now the government is doing construction of godowns and silos in the country.

Tooba Maher

Government is implementing new schemes for modernization of storage facilities. In this regard now the government is doing construction of godowns and silos in the country. 

Private Entrepreneurs Guarantee (PEG) Scheme:  

Under this Scheme, which was formulated in 2008, storage capacity is created by private parties, Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC) and State Government Agencies for guaranteed hiring by FCI. A capacity of 141.82 LMT has been created as on 31.10.2018.  

Now no funds are allocated by Government for construction of godowns. Full investment is done by the private parties/CWC/State Agencies by arranging their own funds and land. After a godown is constructed and taken over by Food Corporation of India (FCI), storage charges are paid to the investor for a guaranteed period of 9/10 years irrespective of the quantum of foodgrains stored. 

Central Sector Scheme:  

Under this scheme, funds are released by Government to FCI and also directly to State Governments for construction of godowns. A total capacity of 1,91,180 MT has been completed by FCI and State Governments during last 5 years from 01.04.2013 up to 31.10.2018. It is implemented in the North Eastern States along with Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand and Kerala.  

Construction of Steel Silos:  

Construction of steel silos, in addition to conventional godowns, has been undertaken in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode. It is done for modernizing storage infrastructure and improving shelf life of stored foodgrains. On 31.10.2018, a capacity of 11.75 LMT silos has been created. 

Sufficient storage facilities are available for storage of central pool foodgrains stock in Andhra Pradesh. As on 31.10.2018, Storage capacity available with FCI for central pool stock is 12.32 Lakh MT [Covered – 10.72 LMT and Covered Area Plinth (CAP) – 1.60 LMT] against available foodgrain stock of 6.41 Lakh MT. 

Current Storage capacity in the country is 877.37 Lakh MT (Covered – 749.90 LMT and CAP – 127.47 LMT) with FCI and State agencies as on 31.10.2018. 

This information was given by the Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, and Shri C.R. Chaudhary in Lok Sabha today. 

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