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Nestle might soon pour fortified Milk in our glasses

After fortification of Iron(Fe) in Maggie. Nestle is now planning to launch fortified milk with micronutrients soon. Nestle has been focusing much on Nutrition, health and wellness. The company said its fortified milk product would hit retail shelves soon under brand Nestle a+. The company had introduced its iron-fortified Maggi Noodles as part of its “Simply Good” 2020 initiative to address iron deficiency.

The company has been focused on launching fortified products such as Ceregrow, Maggi Masala-e-Magic and ready-to-drink beverage Milo. Under its milk and nutrition portfolio, the company has been adding healthier products such as Grekyo (Greek yogurt) and Nestle a+ Pro-Grow

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)  has also been stressing on the need for food companies to focus on fortification. It has been urging companies to offer Vitamin A- and Vitamin D-fortified milk products. 

India has been struggling with malnutrition, majority of this problem is with the  young population and tribal and poor problem. The govt. also has been running many programs to stress on fortification and bio-fortification of the crops and food items. Involvement of private firms in this direction is positive for the cause of India’s growth.

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