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New Mung Arrives in Karnataka mandis; Prices at key markets move lower

Mung markets ended the day with lowered trade quotes versus previous day. New season arrivals were reported from mandis of Karnataka

Abhijeet Banerjee

The summer sown mung crop has now started arriving in mandis of Karnataka. Reports of new arrivals kept buyers mostly away in the wholesale markets of the country as fresh dal demand failed to pick up against recent appreciation in prices. Mung from previous stock was down at markets of MP and Rajasthan yesterday and fell by Rs 100-200/quintal as per quality. Mill purchases were limited due to expensive offers prevailing since last few days. At present moisture content of new mung crop is higher in mandis of Karnataka and currently moisture percent reported is between 15-20%.  

Northern markets of Delhi/Bihar and UP were also down Rs100-200/qtl over previous day. In these markets, supplies stocked in godowns are sufficient enough to offset current requirements. Arrivals pace of new Kharif Moong are likely to increase from mid-August in Maharashtra/Karnataka. On the other hand mung crop arrivals are likely to begin September onwards. Therefore not much appreciation is expected in mung prices for next few months.  


Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh are major Mung producing states. Apart from these states, major mungbean grown states are Orissa, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh. In recent years, production has risen significantly in states of Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. Mung is cultivated at different part of the year, but it is mainly a Kharif season crop. The Kharif crop is sown in June to July, while the Rabi crop is sown in September or October.  There is a smaller spring crop as well, which is generally planted by 15 February and harvested by the middle of May. The summer crop is sown by 15 April and starts arriving by July-August. This is also a short duration crop.  

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