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Not Only Onion, Tomato Price will Disappoint You Soon

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia
tomato price

While onion prices are creating a hue and cry among the public with sky-high prices, its tomato which is next in the line to disappoint Delhi-NCR residents. Delhi-NCR residents and common people are suffering the most due to the sky-high prices of onion and vegetables and even it raises a question on the survival of poor in the capital city.

From the past few weeks, tomato prices have witnessed a sudden hike in around 70 percent in Delhi. People are suffering the most by the sudden hike of this essential kitchen material in the festive season.

Even, Maharashtra, Karnataka and the northern regions also witnessed a sudden rise in vegetable price due to various factors including heavy rain.

The prices of onions have almost crossed doubled in comparison to the last year, while tomatoes had, so far, stayed more or less unaffected.

Although tomatoes in Delhi-NCR are selling for Rs 40-60 in retail since the last few days prices are expected to increase further in the coming days.


Tomato prices have increased drastically in other parts of the country as well. According to a source, onion price in Chandigarh was Rs 52 per kg on Wednesday. On Thursday, a 25-kg sack of good variety tomatoes was sold at an average price above Rs 800 in Delhi's wholesale market Azadpur Mandi. The average variety of tomatoes was Rs 500 per sack.

The wholesale price of tomatoes was Rs 8-Rs 34 per kg and 560.3 tonnes of tomatoes arrived in the wholesale market on Wednesday, according to the Azad Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) price list,

Agricultural produce market committee (APMC)official told in front of media that due to heavy rain and floods in Maharashtra and Karnataka, the number of tomatoes arriving had come down to less than one-third.

The arrivals of the tomatoes are not expected to improve and its prices might increase in the future, said APMC official in front of media.

As reported, the tomato crop was damaged due to floods and the number of trucks arriving daily has come down to 20 from the earlier 40.

According to sources, tomato prices might increase in the coming days due to increased demand during the festive season.

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