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Pulses Import Likely to Fall Due to Bumper Production

Imports of pulses to India such as chickpeas has witnessed a sudden fall nearly by 60% to a million tonnes in the 2020-21 financial year on domestic bumper production and government measures to curb overseas purchases, the head of a leading trade body said on Friday.

As per Business Line reports, India’s pulse imports are likely to treble to 2.5 million tonnes in the 2019-20 financial year to March, Jitu Bheda, chairman of the India Pulses and Grain Association, said on the sidelines of the Pulses Conclave industry conference.

Moreover, lower imports by India, the world’s biggest consumer of protein-rich pulses will help to support domestic prices but will affect farming communities in Canada, Australia, Myanmar and Russia.

Moreover, traders could ship in only a million tonnes of pulses, but dealers imported an extra 1.5 million tonnes by petitioning various courts as per to government quotas.

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