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UP Farmer earns Rs 490 from 19 Tonnes Potato; sends money to PM Narendra Modi

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

A farmer in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra district, who sold his potato produce for merely Rs 490, has sent his earnings to PM Narendra Modi as a mark of protest. Pradeep Sharma from Barauli Ahir village in Agra had produced 19 tonnes of potatoes but could get only Rs 490 after selling them.

Annoyed at government’s apathy towards farmers and upset over the small amount he made after selling 19 tonnes of potato, the farmer sent all his earning to the Prime Minister through a money order.

The incident comes almost a month after an onion farmer from Maharashtra had sent his worthless income of Rs 1064 after selling 750 kg onion to the PM.

The farmer while speaking to media said that by doing so he didn’t wanted to disrespect the Prime Minister, but wanted him to think about the plight of farmers in the country. He said that his paltry earning of Rs 490 is only a reminder to PM to do what he had been chosen for.

Sharma also claimed that he wrote several letters to the Prime Minister as well as President to allow him to commit suicide. He even met Dinesh Sharma, UP Deputy Chief Minister and requested for government and administration’s help in increasing his profit margins. But, all the efforts failed.

Farmers, who spend Rs 700 to 800/quintal of potato get the MSP of Rs 549/quintal that does not even cover the cost of growing the crop.

Sharma added that this was the reason why farmers try to avoid going to government purchase centres for selling their crops.

As per the available records at UP Horticulture Department, over 2.5 lakh farmers cultivate in 2.8 lakh hectares of land in Agra. Out of this, 70000 hectares of land is used for growing potatoes.

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