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Why India is Importing Alphonso Mangoes from South Africa?

Hafoos, Hapuz, or Aapoos are the popular names of the Alphonso Mangoes that are juicy, sweet and with Golden colour skin. Alphonso Mangoes have their own prestige in India. India is the largest producer of mangoes across the world with more than 52 percent of the global production. In October 2018, the Alphonso mango from Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and adjoining areas of Konkan region of Maharashtra got the Geographical Indication  (GI) tag.

Chander Mohan

Hafoos, Hapuz, or Aapoos are the popular names of the Alphonso Mangoes that are juicy, sweet and with Golden colour skin.  Alphonso Mangoes have their own prestige in India. India is the largest producer of mangoes across the world with more than 52 percent of the global production.  In October 2018, the Alphonso mango from Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and adjoining areas of Konkan region of Maharashtra got the Geographical Indication (GI) tag. 

While the country is predominantly famous in the international market for exporting this fruit, IG International has announced the import of a three varieties of mangoes from South Africa, keeping in mind its seasonal nature and non-availability in India at this time of the year. Since the season of Alphonso mangoes lasts for only three weeks in South Africa, a limited quantity of this variety will be air shipped to India.

Following the import of Alphonso mangoes, IG International will import the Tommy Atkin variety in January, thereby marking the completion of South African Mango Season.  The Alphonso is renowned for its rich yellow colour, creamy texture, juicy taste and sweet fragrance. From the conventional way of savouring it to culinary options such as sherbets and ice cream. 

Fresh fruit firm IG International announced they would be importing Alphonso mangoes from South Africa in order to be able to cater to the domestic market in the ongoing festive season. Tarun Arora, Director, Finance and Operations of IG International as saying: “Alphonso is the most popular variety of mangoes and therefore, is a prized commodity in the international trade market. India’s love for this fruit is no hidden fact. We at IG International understand how everyone yearns for this seasonal fruit throughout the year, especially during joyous occasions such as Diwali when they wish to offer these to the God and relish them later. In order to cater to the country’s mango cravings especially during this festive season, we decided to introduce the Alphonso variety." 

The Alphonso is also one of the most expensive varieties of mango and is grown mainly in western India including places such as Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri and Raigad districts and in the Konka  region of Maharashtra. 

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