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India International Horti Expo- 2024

India International Horti Expo- 2024
India International Horti Expo- 2024

The India International Horti Expo is an international horticulture and floricultural production, processing technologies, and decorative horticulture and landscaping exhibition.

Greenhouse Technology, Plastic Film, Tunnels, Planting, Cultivating, and Harvesting Equipment, Irrigation & Drainage, Water Management, Crop Protection and Disease Management, Soil, Substrates, Fertilizers, Vertical Farming, Fruits and Vegetables Processing Technology, Genetics, Breeding, and Seed Improvement, Postharvest Technology (Monitoring, Sorting, Storage, Packaging, Transport), Landscape Industry, and Nursery Bussiness.

IIHE will construct a multipronged spectrum of activities over the four days to assist you achieve all of these objectives and much more through a wide range of activities including, but not limited to:

  • Exhibition: A world-class show with 100+ exhibitors displaying a diverse range of products to meet the demands of buyers from around the country in a setting favourable to productive discussions.

  • Conference: A highly focused conference that will bring together all industry players to discuss, debate, and collaborate on growth plans that leverage established best practices, cutting-edge technologies, and shared networks.

  • Excellence Awards: The Awards for Excellence in the Poultry Sector, organized in collaboration with Zed Business, will shine a light on the Horticulture sector's goods, organizations, and leaders who are making exceptional contributions to the field. The winners' success stories will be featured on the post-event TV presentation.

  • VIP Buyer Program: Based on input from exhibitors, IIHE will build a list of key buyers and devise a felicitated programme to invite them to the event with specially tailored features that make it appealing for them to attend. All exhibitors are likely to benefit from a larger return.

  • 1-2-1 Meetings: Exhibitors that choose certain packages will be able to select names from a list of pre-registered buyers for facilitated one-on-one encounters. This acts as an added benefit, giving you the option to ensure you don't miss out on meeting significant buyers.

  • Social Media Amplification: We will launch an intense social media campaign with a large reach to our database/followership of about 25,000 professionals... In addition to our normal campaigns, we will be pleased to create exclusive promotions for you.

  • Product Launch Support: If you plan to debut any new products at the event, we will be pleased to help you generate attention and publicity for them by matching them with the opening and closing ceremonies, conference sessions, VIP visits, and so on.

  • Post Event Promotion: We will produce a post-show report covering the event's highlights, major discussions, news on key agreements signed during the event, and actionable steps resulting from the event. This report will provide you another chance to share your success stories with the industry.


For Other Details, Please Contact:

Event Name: India International Horti Expo- 2024
Date: February 22-24, 2023

Krishi Jagran

Mobile: 91 8076942046, 9818893548, 9818893752


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