International E-Conference on Public Health and Safety

International E-Conference on Public Health and Safety

International E-Conference on Public Health and Safety Medicine will be organized by Coalesce Research Group on 24- 25 May 2021 in virtual format. The theme of this virtual conference would be “Small changes can add up to Big Health Benefits”.

This conference is specifically designed to bring medical professionals together with most recent research in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention procedures. Coalesce Research Group is inviting speakers from all over the globe are invited to present their latest research updates and share findings, able to discuss the new techniques, procedures for the treatment involved. Participants can have breakout sessions to have in-depth discussions, B2B meetings poster symposia, video presentations and workshops.

Conference Highlights:

  • Public Health

  • Public Safety

  • Clinical Trials on COVID-19

  • Impact of COVID-19

  • Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • COVID-19 Case Reports

  • Medical Ethics & Fitness Guidelines

  • Diabetes & Public Health

  • Oncology & Public Health

  • Obesity & Health Disorders

  • Nursing Management of COVID-19

  • Humanity vs COVID-19

  • Mental Health and COVID-19

  • Vaccine Development & Research

  • Corona Virus Life Cycle

  • Pneumonia, SARS and MERS

  • Transmission and Spreading

  • Diagnosis & Treatment

  • COVID-19 and Patient Care

  • Community Nutrition

  • Environmental Health

  • Occupational and Safety Health

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health

  • Maternal, Infant and Child Health

  • Obesity and Health Risks

  • Modern Public Health Practice

  • Global Health Report

  • Diabetes & Public Health

  • Healthcare Innovations

  • Women's Health

  • Obesity & Health Disorders

For other details, please contact:

Event Name: International E-Conference on Public Health and Safety
Date: 21- 22 June 2021

Coalesce Research Group

Address: 33 Market Point Dr, Greenville,SC 29607, USA

Registration Link:

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