Krishika Expo 2023

Krishika Expo 2023
Krishika Expo 2023

India has made significant progress toward achieving food and nutritional security in the country. Food grain production has outpaced population growth in recent decades. It increased fivefold during a period when the population increased threefold. Agriculture's expansion ensures income distribution. Agriculture and related industries are thus crucial for inclusive growth.

Krishika Expo Organized, By Olampia Exhibition Pvt. Ltd. This Largest Event will Promote, Tractor, Farm Equipments, Fertilizers & Pesticides, Agriculture and Horticulture Machinery, Irrigation and Water Harvesting, Cold Storage & Refrigeration, Dairy, Poultry and Livestock Farming Technologies and Equipment, Rice Mill Machinery, Veterinary Products & Surgical, Food & Food Processing Machineries, Dairy, Poultry, and Livestock Farming Consultants, Manufacturers, Distributors/Dealers, Agro Scientists, Government Bodies, Associations, and other relevant Organizations. And, all at one place will be able to discuss the demand of the Industry and bring out solutions for growth of the Industry.

Why Visit Krishika Expo?

  • Krishika Expo Satna 2023 will embark on a massive personalized campaign to attract quality buyers representing the construction industry to visit the exhibition.

  • Promote Your Organization / Association amongst the State Govt. Entrepreneurs’, Networking & Generate of New Leads

  • Showcasing the latest products and services. Innovative product launches

  • Networking opportunities. Joint venture partnership

  • One-to-one business meetings. Locate new agents/dealers

  • Associate as one of the Sponsors and Benefit from Various branding Opportunities

  • Expecting More than 50,000+ Farmers across the Khajuraho, Satna, Panna, and Rewa districts surrounding area will be visiting the exhibition.

Focus Sectors:

  • Tractor

  • Farm Equipment

  • Dairy Farming

  • Seeds

  • Fertilizers & Pesticides

  • Organic Agriculture

  • Irrigation And Water Management System

  • Pump, Motor, D G Sets

  • Plant Protection

  • Greenhouse / Greenhouse Technology

  • Horticulture / Floriculture

  • Post Harvest Treatment

  • Storage Equipment And Silos

  • Poultry Farming

  • Agro Chemicals

  • Rural Development

  • Rain Water Harvesting

  • Soil Conservation And Its Management

  • Organic Farming, Protected Cultivation

  • Agriculture: Drones, Robots, and Satellite Imagery

  • Farm Mechanization

For Other Details, Please Contact:

Event Name: Krishika Expo 2023
Date: 17-20 February 2023

Krishi Jagran

Mobile: 9654854732

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