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Global agriculture today is faced with the dilemma of meeting the growing demand for food, which is likely to increase by 75% by 2050 (vis-a-vis to 2007 levels). This huge target has to be achieved in the context of climate change and declining resources of agricultural land and water, while withstanding the societal and environmental pressures. The onus will fall on seeds, the most critical input for agricultural (crop) production. The global seed industry will collectively have to take the responsibility for meeting this objective in a sustainable manner.

The seed industry today, with a trade of more than USD 60 billion is a technology driven, responsible partner in world agricultural development. Thousands of seed companies in association with millions of seed producing farmers are ensuring that the crop- producing farmers have fair access to clean, quality seeds at affordable prices. Continuously innovating to meet the changing needs, the industry focuses on technologies that leave positive impact on our society, and ensure that the resultant agricultural production systems are more resilient and more sustainable.

The Indian Council of Food & Agriculture (ICFA) which is always in the forefront of engaging with players in the value chain to find solutions to existing and emerging challenges in agricultural development, is organizing an International meeting of various seed stakeholders to discuss and develop a strategic plan for seed sector advancement. SEED WORLD 2019, to be organized in Bangalore, India on 18-21 September 2019, will focus on the growth parameters for the sector in Asia and Africa

Event Name: Seed World 2019

Date :  18 Sep, 2019 – 21 Sep, 2019

Venue: Hotel The Lalit Ashok | Bangalore

Contact on below addresses for stall booking:

Contact91-8448482489, 91-9899366552



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