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5G Smart Tractor is First Hydrogen-Powered Recently Launched in China

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

The National Institute of Agro-machinery Innovation and Creation (CHIAIC) in Luoyang in the central province of Henan had recently launched the China’s first hydrogen fuel cell electric tractor. 

Hydrogen is the futuristic fuel and shall be useful in agriculture as fuel cell and with the help of the electricity, the same can run the tractor also. It is the innovation from the China at the time of Corona Virus spread from the Wuhan laboratories.  

Explaining its great importance that a new generation of green, smart agricultural machinery equipment will help promote the development of intelligent agriculture, said Zhao Chunjiang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of CHIAIC.  

Having co-developed by CHIAIC and the Luoyang advanced manufacturing industry R&D base of Tsinghua University's Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment. 

Remotely controlled, having Sporting a futuristic appearance, the new model ET504-H tractor adopts 5G mobile communication technology, has a self-driving mode. 

The tractor has a main permanent-magnet, synchronous mid-motor, and independent electric lifting and steering motors. The hydrogen fuel cell operates when the vehicle is underloaded, while under heavy load, the lithium battery will add further power supply. 

With 5G technology, ET504-H is able to monitor the real-time running status of the vehicle as well as the surrounding working environment, which will effectively improve the reliability of the operation. 

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