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Cellestial E-Mobility Introduces Electric Tractor with 75 Km Range

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

Cellestial E-Mobility, a startup based in Hyderabad has rolled out its first e-tractor prototype that is well equipped with features like battery swapping, power inversion (use the tractor to power a UPS), regenerative braking, charging from residential AC outlet & fast charging, which can benefit agriculture as well as goods carriage market.

The company also plans to roll out one hundred tractors in the coming six months. During the first year of production, it expects to produce 1,200 vehicles & build 8,000 tractors in the next 3 years and will further increase the production capacity in Balanagar industrial area.

Cellestial E-Mobility started its operations in May 2019 and then raised a round of investment of 200,000 dollars funding from Singapore based angel investor. The firm also plans to raise $6 million by September and for this is it is in talks with European & domestic investors.


Co-founder of Cellestial E- Mobility Siddhartha Durairajan said that “The e-tractor is engineered to be a zero-emission environment-friendly tractor for horticultural or greenhouse works or moving goods within factories, warehouses and to pull baggage in airports. In addition, the 6HP electric tractor is equipped with residential power socket charging & battery-swapping enabled.”

The company will tap markets like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to start with. Later, it will cater to northern market utilizing FAME II plan by arranging contract manufacturing set up in Gujarat.

Co-founder, Cellestial E-Mobility, Syed Mubasheer Ali said, “The Cellestial e-tractor can cover up to 75 kilometers on a single charge, with maximum power of 18 HP & 53 NM peak torque & reaches a speed of up to 20 kilometer per hour. It recharges in 6 hours with the firm’s proprietary residential charger at any conventional single-phase 16 Amps outlet & with an industrial infrastructure setup, it can fast-charge in 2 hours flat”.

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