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Ensure Successful Farming with Kushal Tractor, Tremendous Mileage with Strength

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya

The trend of modern farming techniques is prevalent across the country. In today's era, the practice of farming with bulls is hard to find as new agricultural machineries have come in the field of agriculture. There are so many machineries available in the market by which farmers can do farming very easily. In this series, a company started working in the interests of farmers. The company is  K.N. Biosciences India Pvt Ltd, which started the mission of providing quality and affordable products to Indian farmers. The company was established by Sudha Reddy in the year 1997. K.N. Biosciences is an institution recognized by DSIR that aims to contribute towards bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, agricultural machineries, and food security, so that farmers can use modern techniques for farming as well as they can use quality and non-chemical products. In a span of 22 years, the company has flourished itself as the only firm in India that  works directly with approximately 11 lakh farmers. In the last few years, it has also started exporting products to overseas market as well. 

K.N Biosciences India Pvt Ltd has started K.N. Farm Equipment Pvt Ltd to solve the problems of the farmers. It manufactures a wide range of tractors and equipments for better  farming. The company launched 'Kushal Tractor' at Kisan Agriculture Exhibition, Pune. Many cultivators have made their farming successful with Kushal Tractors. These tractors have proved in making farming a profitable venture.

Kushal Tractors are produced in different models, and are available in different capacities. If we look at Kushal tractor's model 3456 (45HP), its engine capacity is 3120cc and its speed is 2200 RPM. If we talk about cooling system, then it has forced water cooling. Apart from this, the engine capacity of model 3699 (40HP) is 2430cc. Similarly, there are many other models which can be selected by farmers according to their own requirement.

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