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Farm Mechanization to Aid Farmers to Become Independent

The theme of this year’s 75th Independence Day is ‘Self-Reliance,’ which for the agriculture sector implies our farmers turning independent. And, farm mechanization could really go a long way in making farmers self-reliant.

Binita Kumari

The agriculture sector saw a kickstart even at the beginning of Indian freedom because the leaders understood that agriculture plays a very significant role in the economy of our country. Though the Agri sector did evolve over a period of time, the equipment used by farmers was still quite conventional such as bullock carts, manual plows, and manual harvesting systems, to mention a few.

But now, with technology getting evolved and farm mechanization becoming the need of the hour, the agriculture sector, if makes the best use of machines could see an increase in productivity and a decrease in labor costs.

In order to do the same, farmers need to be equipped with the right knowledge to get the best of farm mechanization, resulting in making farmers self-reliant and more independent. Not only the government but also several private players in the agriculture sector have taken up the onus of educating farmers through their training centers such as KVK’s training programs and numerous educational drives via their demonstration vans.

One of the names to reckon with in farm mechanization, STIHL provides world-class farming equipment from land preparation to weeding to harvesting. Starting more than 90 years ago, STIHL has expanded from a one-man operation to become a major manufacturer of chainsaws and outdoor power equipment, today.

Innovative ideas, in-house know-how, and meticulous craftsmanship have resulted in a broad product portfolio for agricultural purposes.  

With an objective to make farming all the more convenient, STIHL is also training the community to understand the use and benefits of farm equipment in the best possible way.

Farmers can use farm mechanization equipment such as STIHL’s Power Weeder MH 710 with the Ridger or Plough attachment from land preparation to harvesting. Farmers can even get crop-specific farming equipment such as the Paddy Weeder Attachment from their Paddy Weeder KA Series to get the best yield. Also, with environment-friendly equipment such as easy-to-maneuver STIHL’s MH 710 Tiller, farmers have all the required tools they need to make farming convenient for them. 

Going forward, needless to say, more and more farmers will soon be adopting many such mechanizations in order to attain higher productivity. And, with the introduction of drones and AI, the agriculture industry is all set to become more advanced.

To have a better paddy yield this season, the use of STIHL Agriculture equipment will be worth taking.

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Email: info@stihl.in 

Phone number: 9028411222 

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