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Farmers Hurry! Get 90% Subsidy on Agricultural Equipments Now; Direct Link to Register Here

Subsidy for Farmers: Few days back, the government approved to give agricultural implements on subsidy to Bihar farmers. Now, in the midst of Bihar assembly elections, online application has been started by the Agriculture Department for the farmers.

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Agricultural Equipments
Agricultural Equipment

Subsidy for Farmers: Few days back, the government agreed to give agricultural implements on subsidy to Bihar farmers. Now, in the midst of Bihar assembly elections, Agriculture Department has started online application process for the farmers.

Adding to it, the Agriculture Department has also started the process of providing agricultural implements to farmers at a subsidized rate under the Agricultural Mechanization Scheme. It is to be noted that under this scheme, a provision has been made to give subsidy from 50% to 90% to the farmers.

Farmers must note that they can easily apply online as the applications will be done online under agricultural mechanization scheme.

Last Date to Apply- 15 January 2021

The last date for filing online applications under the Agricultural Mechanization Scheme has been set as 15 January 2021. As per the media reports, the Director of Agriculture has issued a directive to this effect to all district agricultural officials. In the light of this, District Agricultural Officer Dr. KK Verma has fixed the block wise target and has issued necessary guidelines to all the Block Agriculture Officer, Block Horticulture Officer, Agriculture Coordinator, Block Technical Manager, Assistant Technical Manager, Farmers Advisors.

Subsidy can be availed on 17 types of equipments:

As per the news, there is a provision to give 50% to 90% subsidy on agricultural implements. Among them mainly Straw Reaper, Astra Baler, Brush Cutter, Happy Seeder, Super Seeder, Reaper cum Binder, Mini Rubber Rice Mill, Mini Dal Mill, Mini Oil Mill, Mini Rice Mill, Rotary Mulcher, Astra Management System will be given on subsidy.

What is the provision for subsidy?

In fact, up to 80% subsidy has been provided on the Extra Management System. Whereas on Super Seeder up to 75% subsidy will be given, there is a provision of subsidy up to 75% on D Rotary Master, 50% subsidy on the same rice mill, mini dal mill, mini rubber rice mill. Similarly, 50% subsidy will be given on reaper less binder.

How farmers can apply to get 90% subsidy on agriculture equipments?

It is mandatory for the farmers of Bihar to first get registered in Bihar DBT, in order to get this grant. After it, farmers have to apply online to take advantage of the agricultural mechanization scheme.

Direct link to register

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