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Good News for Farmers! Electric Tractors to Reduce Cost of Farming, Save Money and Time

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

We all know that these days the price of diesel is touching the sky and many farmer are facing problems during farming. One of the major problems which farmers are facing is the cost of fuel that is being used by tractor while working in the field. To overcome these problems e-tractors will come soon in the country and you can buy them at very low cost and drive them without diesel.  

Difference between e-tractors and Diesel/Normal tractors 

  • The main difference between both of these tractors  is their operating cost. The operating cost of the e-tractor will be around 25 to 30 rupees in an hour. Whereas the cost of operating for normal tractors is around 150 rupees per hour. 

  • In case of e- tractors farmers will save around Rs 120 per hour which is a huge number in case of saving. 

  • The e-tractor is designed according to zero emission, which is environmentally friendly.

  • It is also said that the e-tractor has facilities for battery swapping, regenerative braking etc.  

  • E-tractors costs cheaper than normal tractors.

Electric tractor manufacturers 

According to the reports, Siddharth Durarajan who is co-founder and CEO of Celestrial E-Mobility, told that the operating cost of tractors for farmers will be reduced from Rs 150 per hour to Rs 25-30 per hour, as future electric tractors will start selling in the Indian market soon.  

He added some more by saying that due to labor shortage, high cost of ownership and operation, buying tractors remains a challenge for the farming community of India. But now farmer brothers can buy tractors easily because these tractors are priced lower than conventional diesel powered tractors. 

Cost of electric tractor  

  • The cost of a conventional regular tractor starts at around Rs 6 lakh where as the price of electric tractor in the country will be around 5 lakh rupees only. Plus, if you drive an e-tractor it will cost about 25 to 30 rupees in an hour. Whereas in conventional tractors this cost is about 150 rupees per hour.  

Special features of e-tractor 

  • E-tractors will save the time of farmers because the thing about the e-tractor will be that its engine will not have about 300 parts that come with the engine of a normal or diesel tractor.

  • The new e-tractor will have facilities such as battery swapping, regenerative braking, power inversion (tractor charging UPS) and fast charging.

  • The power of electric tractor is 6hp and which is equivalent to a 21 hp diesel tractor.

  • This electric tractor can run upto 75 km on a single charge. 

  • Electric tractor can run at a speed of 20 kmph. 

  • Electric tractor takes up to six hours to fully charge the battery in a residential environment where as the battery in the industrial power socket can fast charge in 2 hours.

  • The e-tractor is designed according to zero emission, which is environmentally friendly.

How many units are being planned to be produced 

Celestial e-mobility is currently planning to produce around 100 units a month and they are planning to build around 8000 vehicles in the next two-three years.  

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