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India's indigenous Agri- Robots to boost productivity

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Bengaluru, India, August 28, 2018:  PAAMA Agrico, India's fastest growing and innovative, Agricultural Equipment Research & Development organization engages Robotic Engineering to manufacture world-class soil titling blades used in rotovators and cultivators.

The strategic employment of robotics to take over cumbersome and hazardous, manual welding jobs has been appreciated  universally. "Engaging a Robot to weld blades will enable the precision function - ensuring uniformity in production while facilitating repeatability function each time; this will in turn increase production rate, decrease cost of product, solve the labour shortage problem and increase work efficiencies by several folds." says Mr. Vikas Marwah, Technical Director -NexGen Robotic Automation Pvt. Ltd., the team that programmed and installed the Robots at PAAMA Agrico.

Meticulous Agripreneur and Founder of PAAMA Agrico, Mr. Srinivas P Kamisetty, details the objective behind this first of its kind Robotics Engineering initiative by an Agri-Equipment  organization as, " I have been studying and more importantly practicing in the agricultural industry for over a decade now and realize that most of the equipments made available to the Indian Farmers are not what their western or developed counterpart would use." He further demonstrates  that, "50% of the nation's economy rests on agriculture income; in parallel to food production demand that is skewed upwards owing to the ever rising population rate and exports. It is the responsibility of the Agri-Tech manufacturing fraternity to enable them (Indian Farmers) with the necessary mechanization, that in its true sense will be  instrumental in engineering progress at an individual level and collective contribute to the development of nation as a whole."

It is amidst  the foreplay of such dynamics of an agrarian economy that  PAAMA Agrico was conceptualized to elevate the standards of Made-in-India Agri-Equipments that will provide sustainable growth propositions to users. "We are delighted  to play an active role in PAAMA Agrico's journey of etching new benchmarks as it  determined to channels it efforts towards transitioning the traditional agricultural industry with cutting edge technological advancements." further expresses Mr. Marwah.

Technological advancements in agriculture are an important element to fodder growth and engaging in robotics  is an indispensible technique of driving this as it can help overcome the skills shortage and improve monitoring and enhance efficiency.

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