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Kubota Unveils Autonomous, Electric Concept Tractor with Artificial Intelligence & Electrification Technology

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

Agricultural machinery manufacturer KUBOTA has launched a driverless tractor, which is fully electric. A half century after displaying it’s first-ever concept tractor at Japan World Exposition in 1970, the company unveiled its ‘X tractor - cross tractor’ to celebrate the 130th anniversary of its founding. The dream tractor, which is equipped with artificial intelligence & electrification technology, is a fully autonomous tractor that represents the future of farming drawn by Kubota. The company would continue developing products to realize smart agriculture with advanced technology to deal with the challenges faced by farmers in Japan.

While an increasing number of farmers in Japan stop working due to aging, average scale of farming continues to grow because of the outsourcing of farm operations & accumulation of farmland for efficient management. So as to address the challenges that farmers are facing like labor shortage & low operating efficiency, it is urgently required to introduce smart farming.

Since the introduction of AGRIROBO tractors in the year 2017, the agri-machinery manufacturer has expanded autonomous agricultural machinery the AGRIROBO Series. Now it has unveiled this concept model with many advanced technologies, like Artificial Intelligence & electrification technology, in anticipation of the full-scale introduction of smart farming that is continuously expected by cultivators.

Main features of the concept tractor X tractor - cross tractor:

  • Futuristic design

  • Fully unmanned operation by AI

  • Full electrification achieves environmentally friendly farm operation

  • One machine for diverse processes

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