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LATEST! This 800 kg Solar Tractor has Multiple Benefits & Reduces the Cost Burden of Farmers; Direct Link to Buy Inside

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma
Solar Tractor
Solar Tractor

All innovations take birth because of necessity. We all have read & heard this and one example of this is Solar Powered Tractor assembled by Hasmukh R Patil. This innovation has the power to help millions of farmers by bringing down their cultivation cost & reducing the dependence on fuels such as diesel & petrol.

Hasmukh has a vision to make farmers life easy through making tractor operations more affordable for farmers. So now the question arises who is Hasmukh and how did he manage to assemble a solar powered tractor? Below are the answers to all questions.

• Hasmukh belongs to a small town named Mandal which is 90kms from Ahmedabad. Being a farmer, during day he grows Cotton, Vegetables, Bajra, Jeera etc. When the sun sets, he adopts the role as a mechanic & with many unsuccessful attempts he managed to assemble a solar powered tractor.

• Hasmukh used automobile parts & scraps which he bought from different garages & mechanics to assemble & reassemble his tractor various times. After multiple attempts he finally managed to get it right.

• Hasmukh loves to repair auto parts & in his village he is famous as mechanic. Hasmukh says that he knew the pain of farmers as he himself is one. He always knew how hard it can be for farmers to pay for tractor maintenance& fuels. This is when he thought of assembling a solar powered tractor that would reduce costs for farmers.

• Before getting the prototype right Hasmukh assembled four solar powered tractors but they were not successful models. After the prototype, he assembled 3 more tractors & tested them on different soils in Gujarat. In 2018 at Vibrant Gujarat Startup and Technology Summit, Hasmukh showcased his solar powered tractor. His tractor gathered huge crowds to understand the innovation.

• Before the tractor Hasmukh also designed an electric fence powered by solar energy to fend off wild animals. His friends Kunjan Patel & Saurin Shah also joined Hasmukh in his project.Kunjan is also a farmer &Saurin is an owner of fuel outlet in Ahmedabad.

• Hasmush started by sourcing spare parts & scraps & began working on his innovation in late 2012. The initial 4 models were not able to produce desired results & he had to sell them back in scrap. Over these 4 models, Hasmukh lost 20 lakhs but this did not stopped him as he had the support of friends & partners.

• Hasmukh& friends registered their startup as Saur in Autosol Energy Private Ltd. The team has also for subsidy from iCreate& project loan from the Govt of Gujarat.

Advantages of Solar Powered Tractor:

With regular ploughing, the tractor can be used to pump water from bore wells & clean roads. It can also act as an invertor to provide light to farms. Today with the soaring prices diesel, on an average a farmer uses 40 liters of diesel per day for one tractor. With Solar powered tractor, this cost can come down drastically.

How to buy Solar Powered Tractor?

Saur- http://www.saurinautosol.com/products.php In Autosol Energy’s solar powered tractors are comparatively lighter than diesel tractors & energy efficient. Hasmukh’s tractor is only 800 kgs as opposed to diesel tractors which is more than 2000 kg.

For more information about the solar powered tractor, you can visit their official website here- http://www.saurinautosol.com/products.php

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